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WikiLeaks Revelations: Short List of Illegal, Unethical, Corrupt and Creepy Activities

Although the mainstream media has been trying to play down WikiLeaks for the last month, plenty of incredible and shocking facts have been revealed in the 50,000 emails released so far. They are called the Podesta Files, since the emails were hacked from John Podesta’s Gmail account. Podesta is the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and has a long history with the Clintons and Obama – including being Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and as advisor for Obama.

He is also the chairman of Center for American Progress, a think tank funded by George Soros. In summary, he is a very important and powerful guy in Democratic politics.

Okay, what did we learn from the WikiLeaks and can we summarize it quickly? Here is the scoop, divided in four categories and cover these in four different blog posts: Illegal, Unethical, Corrupt and Creepy. This one is about the illegal activities.


Clinton Foundation’s Pay For Play

  1. Bill Clinton got $1 million as a “birthday gift” from Qatar while Hillary was approving arms deals for that country
  2. Bill Clinton accepted expensive gifts from foreign governments that he never disclosed or reported as income; Bill Clinton had hundreds of conflict of interest regarding Foundation’s donors
  3. Donors paid for private jets and vacations for Bill Clinton and his family
  4. Teneo is a consulting firm that was founded by Doug Band, the co-founder (along with Bill Clinton) of Clinton Global Initiative. Teneo acted as an unauthorized/illegal fundraiser for Clinton Foundation. It brought in lucrative deals for Bill Clinton (as an individual) – this included $50 million until 2011 and $66 million in contracts for the next few years. The deals included speaking fees, advisory roles etc.
  5. Morocco’s King agreed to give $12 million to Clinton Global Initiative but only if Hillary Clinton would fly to Morocco and host the event. (Later she would take the country off human rights violation list)

Clinton Foundation Illegal Use of Funds

  1. The Clintons used charity’s money for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and also lifestyle in general (such as $34,000 a night hotel stays).
  2. Chelsea Clinton’s husband demanded special events for Clinton Foundation where he could get the donors to invest in his hedge fund. And he got that!
  3. According to it’s own lawyers, the Foundation was not even run as a charity and had numerous problems with checks and balances, audit, conflicts of interest and how the entire operation was run.

Paying People to Disrupt Republican Events

The real proof of paid protesters and voter fraud came from undercover videos of Project Veritas, but WikiLeaks substantiates this further by showing emails between DNC and the organizers of violence at Trump rallies. They call it “bird dogging” and openly discuss it.

Rigging the Democratic Primaries

Hillary’s campaign changed the dates of primaries of certain states to give her the best momentum and advantage

Hillary’s camp had an “agreement” with Bernie Sanders on what he could and couldn’t say. They also had a “leverage” over him to punish and control him. (The emails don’t reveal what the agreement and the leverage are).

Donna Brazile, current DNC Chairwoman, pretended to be neutral but helped Hillary Clinton in illegal/unethical ways. She passed on information about Bernie’s campaign strategy, she leaked debate and CNN town hall questions to Hillary’s camp

In Dec 2015 – 7 months before the end of primaries, Hillary’s staff was sending memos about how to use Bernie Sanders after his endorsement! The fix was in!

In July 2015, more than one year before the official announcement, Tim Kaine was telling others that he would be the Vice Presidential nominee

Hillary’s Camp Accepting Foreign Donations: The Clinton campaign takes in tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments through lobbyists. This should be illegal and all the loopholes must be fixed. Clinton’s campaign chairman is John Podesta, and his brother – Tony Podesta – is a registered lobbyist for foreign governments including Saudi Arabia which gives him more than $100,000 a month.

Google’s Chairman Secret Funding of Clinton: Eric Schmidt worked with John Podesta on a secret project that cost $1.5 billion. It was not registered to the FEC or known to the public. Definitely illegal.

Super PAC co-ordination: A campaign is not supposed to coordinate with the Super PACs. Highly illegal. However, emails show Hillary’s camp in constant touch with Super PACs (such as Priorities USA). Podesta and others also determine the staff and high-level management of these Super PACs.

Email Drama: WikiLeaks shows that Clinton and her staff conspiring on how to delete the emails that were under subpoena from the Congress. She had many emails from Obama that were among the deleted emails. One email shows that Clinton’s law firm had the thumb drive with all the emails in Aug 2015. However a couple of weeks later, the FBI said the thumb drive was missing. The corruption seems to extend to both DOJ (Dept. of Justice) and FBI. A top DOJ official – Kadzik – turns out to be a long time friend of John Podesta; FBI’s Director has deep connections to Clinton Foundation; the 2nd highest FBI official’s wife got $650,000 in campaign contributions from DNC during the email investigation, and so on. DOJ and State Dept. also regularly leaked information to Hillary’s team about the email investigation.

Hillary also sent classified emails to Huma, who also forwarded 1000s of such emails to her (Huma) own Yahoo account. Hillary also sent classified emails to Chelsea and John Podesta’s Gmail account. Any other normal government employee would be prosecuted for such acts. Hillary also had her maid print out classified emails. The recklessness is astounding.


Clinton’s Team and it’s Collusion With The Media: DNC and Hillary’s campaign provide questions to the TV anchors when the latter interview Trump and Republicans. WikiLeaks emails have shown CNN (Wolf Blitzer) and CNBC (John Harwood) doing this.

Other unethical acts include:

a. Hillary being provided the question in advance during MSNBC phone interviews. Her staff writes the answers and Hillary simply reads the script. (The interview with Chris Hayes is an example). For the viewers, of course, she just sounds so smart and qualified

b. Journalists from Politico (Glenn Thrush, Maggie Habermann) and New York Times (Amy Chozick) send their articles to DNC/Hillary’s team for pre-approval

c. Some journalists are called “friendlies” by the Clinton camp and these writers are willing to write on specific topics as requested.

d. Many journalists send reports to Hillary’s team on what articles they are working on and when they will be published

e. Clinton camp has so much pull that they dictate the timing of TV segments (PBS and MSNBC, for example)

f. People such as Chuck Todd of MSNBC have direct contact with DNC and act as liaisons to punish other MSNBC anchors who say anything negative about Hillary Clinton

g. Journalists act as friends, get together for coffee/drinks with John Podesta, give strategy advice for Hillary

h. Hillary’s team bragged that it killed a Bloomberg article that linked Clinton’s opposition to an anti-Russia bill to Bill Clinton getting $500,000 for a Moscow speech (link)

i. Hillary’s TV shows (example: Steve Harvey show) are completely scripted and everything is planned in advance. Fake questions from audience are common as well.

j. Many, many more such examples of unethical media collusion and partisanship. Media is supposed to be the fourth pillar of American system to provide checks and balances, but that has been completely dismantled

k. Huffington Post owner, Arianna Huffington, says her magazine will be used to “echo” Hillary’s campaign


  1. Hillary Clinton says in her email that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS. But has she ever said that aloud? How come the U.S. doesn’t attack the countries that fund ISIS? In the same email, she talks about “opportunities” that we have from the growth of ISIS. It is sick beyond belief
  2. Another email is planning on how to divert revenue from ISIS’ oil into the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank
  3. “Al Qaeda (AQ) is on our side” — Email to Hillary Clinton from Jake Sullivan, her chief foreign policy adviser.
  4. An email from Brent Budowsky talks about how the system has been rigged for decades and the fix is always in
  5. Hillary admits to her donors, behind closed doors, that she is a friend of Wall Street and she has a public and private opinion of policies. Basically, she told them, “Ignore my public speeches because I am with you.” She tells bankers of oil companies that she loves Fracking and says environmentalists “should get a life.”
  6. Read my blog post on Clinton Foundation to see how it operates as a fake charity
  7. Hillary signed an agreement with Congress that her role as the Secretary of State will be separate from Clinton Foundation. But, in reality, the Foundation donors filled up Hillary’s calendar, had meetings to lobby the State Department, and got plenty of favors.
  8. Executives of Facebook and Google secretly support Hillary and provide her campaign with research tools and suggestions. They will all get very good jobs if Hillary gets elected
  9. Gloria Allred, the scam lawyer, was working with the DNC at least since May to frame Donald Trump with allegations of sexual harassment
  10. Many more such examples!


  1. John Podesta and his brother attend “Spirit Cooking” dinner parties that are frankly almost satanic
  2. Tony Podesta has paintings of nude teenagers in his home
  3. John Podesta has many conversations about UFOs and aliens!
  4. Intelligence officials from Stratfor talk about Hillary Clinton murdering Vince Foster and Ron Brown
  5. Two days before (Supreme Court Justice) Scalia’s mysterious death, John Podesta was using military jargons for murders in cryptic short emails
  6. Another Stratfor email talks about Obama spending $65,000 on wild White House pizza parties

Note: I will add links to all of these later.