Q & A: Debunking Conspiracy About Russia Hacking the US Election

Over the weekend, Washington Post and New York Times published articles about CIA reports that prove Russia hacked the US election in order to help Trump. What should happen next? A new election? Maybe the electors should dump Trump and elect Hillary Clinton or John Kasich? Or maybe …

Hold your horses! First of all, those articles came out on Friday and the claims have already been disputed by Sunday. Did you read the articles carefully or just go by the titles? When you read the articles, did you wonder, “Where are those CIA reports?” And did you ask, “Who told the newspapers about these reports?” Here are the problems with these two articles:

  1. The CIA has not made these reports public
  2. The Senate has not made these reports public
  3. The anonymous source did not provide any proof. All we have is a hearsay allegation
  4. The newspapers did not provide any proof that these anonymous sources really attended the briefing
  5. No details of the briefing are given – not even the date. So the data presented at the briefing could be invalid/inaccurate by now

How can you trust such an article? It fails the basic tests of journalism and objectivity. It’s not just this blog that questions these articles – see what Glenn Greenwald, a well-respected journalist, said about these articles:


But these are respectable newspapers! Why not give them the benefit of doubt?

These two papers have been 100% anti-Trump for a long time now. More importantly, the need for evidence and standards don’t go away based on the reputation of a newspaper. In fact, these papers should be held to a higher standard. Else they are no different from “fake news.” As Glenn Greenwald commented on the Washington Post article, “No accusations should be accepted until there is actual convincing evidence to substantiate those accusations.”

Furthermore, the media has already started back pedaling on these claims – “Officials familiar with the briefings given to Congress say the CIA assessment wasn’t as definitive as has been portrayed in news reports this weekend.”

Also, the New York Times article had claimed that Russia had hacked both RNC and DNC but only released DNC emails (in order to help Trump). However, the FBI asserted today that there was no proof that the RNC was ever hacked.

Finally, the FBI came out on Sunday and made it clear that there is no clear evidence linking Russia to any hacking (DNC, Podesta Emails, RNC etc.)

So, you see, even respectable papers are wrong or misleading.

OK, but how about the 17 intelligence agencies that concluded Russia was involved in hacking and the release of emails? And perhaps even was trying to hack the election machines or voter systems?

Again, the devil is in the details. It’s not as if 17 intelligence agencies concluded 17 independent investigations and reached the same conclusion. It was a joint statement by DNI and DHS, thus essentially two top guys. It just so happens that DNI is a federation of 16 agencies. DNI’s boss is James Clapper who committed perjury to Congress when he denied that NSA is involved in mass surveillance. He is not a nice guy and has already agreed to step down from his job in January. Presumably he is anti-Trump.

As for DHS (Depart of Homeland Security), it is quite a partisan agency filled with Obama/Hillary supporters. Recently, someone tried to hack into the voter system in the state of Georgia and the IT guys found that the hacking efforts came from DHS!!

It must be noted that there are several theories about who leaked DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks. William Benney, an NSA whistleblower, has claimed that the hacker is likely a US intelligence agent!

A former UK Ambassador, Craig Murray, called this Russian conspiracy “crazy” and claims he has actually met the hacker behind DNC leaks!!!

Julian Assange has said explicitly that Russia did not provide the materials to DNC/Podesta leaks.

(Updated on Dec 13: Even the DNI has now come out and said that the CIA report was inconclusive. Again, it was done through anonymous sources talking to Reuters. This is a horrible way to inform the American public. So take this with a grain of salt.)

Finally, how about the statements from Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham that they are forming a bipartisan committee to look into the Russian hacking? They even said that Russia is trying to undermine democracies around the world!

Well, for one, they are politicians and they have to react these sensational accusations. And there is nothing wrong with that. But let’s not forget that these two Republicans have been quite anti-Trump this whole election. Graham actually voted for Evan McMullin, the so-called NeverTrump candidate, and John McCain also said he wouldn’t vote for Trump. Then you have to consider that these two guys are eternal warmongers who played major roles in all the recent wars, including Ukraine, Iraq, Libya and Syria. They are the stooges of the military-industrial complex and they desperately want a war with Russia. (In the Libyan picture below, you can see Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Lindsey Graham along with McCain).


So what happens next?

Hopefully a peaceful transition that will result in President Trump. There are many desperate people calling on the electors to vote for someone else other than Trump on Dec 19. As you know, he won’t be the official President-elect until the electors choose him. Many ordinary Democrats are still in denial and are hoping that Trump may get stopped somehow. Some are saying he should be impeached or charged for treason. The CIA is almost trying a soft coup to overthrow Trump. Trump’s possible choice for Deputy Secretary of State, John Bolton, said today that perhaps Obama admin is staging a false flag incident. Bottom line: too many sensational moments and accusations, but hopefully, they will all settle down soon.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the recount efforts fizzled out and the Russia allegation was resuscitated again. Since Nov 9, Democrats, media and the Establishment have had a hard time accepting Trump. Rather than focusing on why Hillary lost, they have been trying every trick in the book to stop him – Riots, Recounts (because some guy said Russia could have hacked the voting machines!), Petitions (to create unfaithful electors) and Russia conspiracy theories!

Expect the drama to go on intensely until Dec 19! But it won’t be completely over after that – there will be some loonies who will wish to stop the inauguration. Exciting times! LOL