Trump’s 4/26 Landslide Victory Explained

Trump accomplished something tonight (Apr 26) that no pundit had predicted – winning all five states in the Republican primaries. The states included some big ones such as Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut, as well as two smaller but important ones – Delaware and Rhode Island. Overall, Trump won well over a MILLION votes tonight, more than this two opponents – John Kasich and Ted Cruz – combined. Trump also got 100% of the delegates in three states and possibly a 4th one (Maryland) as well.

As of now, with 40 states having voted so far, Trump has won more than 10 million votes, which is more than what Romney or McCain got in the entire primary season. With 10 more states to go – including large states such as New Jersey and California – Trump is well on his way to break the record set by George Bush in 2000 (10.8 million).

He not only won all the five states, he won them decisively by getting more than 50% in each state. The pundits and the media have been harping on the 50% for quite some time, while conveniently ignoring the fact that Trump started out with 16 other opponents and still has two opponents (unlike Hillary Clinton who is only running against Bernie Sanders).

When Trump won New York with about 61%, the media once again discounted it because New York is his home state. But tonight, the media is forced to shut up and some even mention the dreaded phrase of “presumptive nominee.”

So here are the results so far, with 171 out of the 172 delegates decided so far (source: NY Times):

4-26 results 3

As for the number of delegates won, tonight’s results are as follows:

Trump: 163      Kasich: 5    and Cruz: 3

Note that out of 163 delegates that Trump won, 54 from Pennsylvania are technically “unbound” – meaning that they could vote for anyone during the convention, even in the first ballot. However, most of them have said that they will vote for the winner of their district/state, which should be Trump. Look at the map below of results from various counties in PA:

4-26 PA countiesThat’s a complete sweep by Trump. There is definitely an ethical and moral obligation for these delegates to represent their voters and cast their vote for Donald Trump in the Republican Convention. BTW, Trump also won every single county in Maryland and Delaware.

(By the end of the night, 7 more delegates were still yet to be assigned – 3 from Maryland and 4 from Rhode Island. By next morning, all but 1 were decided, but sometimes it takes for ever – New York, for example, still has to assign 3 delegates from the primary that was held a week ago! Government at its best. Or maybe this is how they steal delegates from Trump!)

In any other year, the winner and the presumptive nominee would have been declared by now. But this year, the crooked Establishment is hoping for a contested convention as it happens in the Netflix series “House of Cards.” So the media conveniently ignores the incredible and convincing victory by Trump.

Now the narrative is, “Oh, what really matters is Indiana! Ted Cruz can stop Donald trump in Indiana.” This is such a ridiculous proposition given that Cruz is sitting with 544 delegates and has ZERO chance of getting even close 1000 delegates. Not to mention the fact that Cruz came in THIRD in four out of the five States tonight. This guy is the biggest joke in politics and the dishonest media keeps moving the goal post for Trump, hoping he would stumble before the convention.

Yesterday, Cruz and Kasich joined forces and announced that they will split the remaining 10 States between them in order to defeat Trump. The plan was that Kasich will cede Indiana to Cruz and, in turn, Cruz will cede Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich. This collusion has horribly backfired so far. People are disgusted by this collusion. This is precisely the kind of cheating and political machinations that people are railing against. If Cruz had any doubt about this, he just has to look at his Facebook page where people are openly mocking and denouncing him. Perhaps this horrible and slimy deal also contributed to Trump’s triumphant victory tonight.

Tomorrow, on Apr 27, Trump will be visiting Indiana and campaigning with Indiana’s legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight.

In all likelihood, Trump’s momentum from New York and the five states tonight should lead to a comfortable victory for him in Indiana on May 3 – a week from today. Indiana is an important state with 57 delegates – 30 delegates to the state winner and 3 delegates to the winner of each of the 9 districts.

If the Establishment doubts the power of Trump, they just have to realize that, in Pennsylvania, Trump got tonight almost twice as many votes as Mitt Romney got in the same primary four years ago. If Trump can win Pennsylvania in the general election, it will guarantee him the Presidency. Trump’s appeal is undeniable and the Republican party will kiss the Presidency goodbye if they steal the nomination from Trump.

The next seven days will be fascinating as the drama continues …

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