New York Times

Donald Trump’s Tax and Media’s Sensationalism

The New York Times has come up with an article today claiming that Trump might not have paid much/any Federal Income Tax in the last twenty years because his business had a huge loss – close to $1 billion – back in 1995. The entire drama is a storm in a teacup. Here is the response to the faux sensationalism created by virulently anti-Trump media:



Here is the link for: “45% of Americans don’t pay Federal Income Tax.”

Here is the summary of the financials for NYT that shows they didn’t pay any tax at all in 2014 and got money from the government (taxpayers). The tax shown within () means it was a negative tax, meaning it’s a rebate/refund. They had a net income of $32 million, but still got $3.5 million from the government.