Incredible Comments By Trump Fans That Prove He Will Win

Social media is a tool for modern presidential candidates to interact with their supporters. And there is no platform that is better suited for that purpose than Facebook (more personal than Twitter). All politicians have Facebook pages these days, but Donald Trump’s page is simply extraordinary because of the nature of the comments made by his supporters.

The comments on Trump’s Facebook page are something you rarely (or never?) see in politics. These are incredibly personal and authentic comments that often sound like text messages from friends and family members. Phrases such as “We love you!” … “I pray for you and your family” … “Your speech was awesome today!” … demonstrate intimacy that is rare as a unicorn in politics.

There is also a tremendous expression of gratitude, another rare feeling for voters. “Thank you so much for all you do!” and its variations demonstrate the astonishing nature of Trump’s candidacy and what it means to many Americans.

Encouragement is another unique phenomenon. Pictures below will show some of the stunning comments that sound like a conversation between loved ones.

The enthusiasm is also unmatched. Trump’s posts easily get close to half a million “Likes” and 100,000 comments every day. Although there are some comments from Hillary supporters, the pro-Trump ones far outnumber the negative ones.

As a contrast, Hillary Clinton gets only about 1/5th the number of Likes on a daily basis. Furthermore, most of the top comments on Hillary’s pages are actually negative comments from Trump supporters! Most importantly, the pro-Hillary comments are not quite devoid of any emotional support. Most of them are to the tune of “She is qualified” or “She will be a good President.”

Hillary voters sound like they are voting for a bureaucrat; Trump supporters are voting for a man they love, adore, believe in and truly connect with. People also truly appreciate Trump spending his own money and being their voice.

Let’s get to some examples.

Pro-Hillary Comments on her Facebook page tend to lack emotional/personal attachment (perhaps reflects the polls that say only ~12% of Democrats think she is honest or trustworthy)

Hillary 2

Pro-Trump Comments often express deep affection.


People pray for Trump:


Supporters THANK Trump:


Trump gives people hope and optimism. And they believe in his patriotism:

HOPE-1god 12

People genuinely feel he is on their side:


People really give him genuine positive encouragement as if they are talking to a friend or a family member


Contrary to the media propaganda, Trump gets a lot of support from Democrats, blacks and Hispanics. Some of them admit that they face a lot of hostility from members of their ethnic/racial groups!


And people from all over the world voice their support for Trump. Here are some comments from Italy, Israel, Germany and Portugal


In spite of all the constant attacks from the media and the rigged polls, there is a large segment of American population which is incredibly loyal to Trump. The most important factor that predicts victory is the personal and emotional connection that a candidate has with the voters. These screenshots of comments prove that Trump has that intangible asset and Hillary does not.