Why USA is Afraid of Russia’s media, RT

The entire western Establishment – Deep State, politicians, media and pundits –  is scared witless about Russia’s RT, which is really amazing and revealing. After all, the US and its fellow countries such as the UK have thousands and thousands of journals, magazines, websites, TV/cable/radio stations which reach people in every corner of the world.

Yet globalists are going after Russia’s RT (“Russia Today”) with intense hatred and fear. Google today announced that it will filter out RT from Google’s Search engine.  The US government forced RT to register as a “foreign agent” under the old FARA act that was designed to fight Nazi propaganda in the 1930s. John Kerry once compared RT to ISIS.

RT is actually an intellectual media with solid information and reporting. Of course, it has its biases and doesn’t report anything too negative on Russia or Putin. It is funded by the Russian government, which is actually good in a way: it means there are no corporate ads on RT’s TV programs, and thus it has more editorial freedom (unlike the western presstitutes) and is more fun to watch.

But, here is the kicker:

Even if RT is a propaganda tool, the western media has way more influence. You can look at RT’s Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. and see that American corporate media have thousands of times more interactions (“Likes”, “Retweets”, comments etc. ) than RT. So why so much fear? The answer is simple:

All the western mainstream media say the same thing and have the same point of view in critical matters, especially foreign policies. Thus when RT disproves ONE western media, RT has disproved all of them. Get it? In reality, it’s a One-on-One competition: RT versus One Western Media.

In the West, we have an illusion of choice. One propaganda message comes in 1000 different flavors. The RT drama has exposed that the Emperor is naked.

Although the First Amendment doesn’t directly apply to RT, this censorship affects the free access to information for Americans. We make fun of North Korea since they wouldn’t allow access to the internet, but we’re doing similar things now in a more sophisticated way. This vendetta against RT also sets a bad precedent. Russia’s Sputnik News has also been forced to register as a FARA; and already some politicians are clamoring to force China’s Xinhua News as a foreign agent. Soon they will come after American independent media and individuals who speak against the military-industrial complex and the Deep State.


Author: Chris Kanthan. Check out my new book on the truth about the Syrian war:  “Syria – War of Deception