Trump Server Conspiracy Debunked in 2 Minutes


         Did trump have a secret server in the Trump Tower thru which he communicated with Russian intelligence or Putin? Apparently there were logs from the computer that showed communication between Trump’s server and a server that belongs to a Russian bank! Gasp!!
         This was another hysterical Russia-Trump conspiracy from the election season. Although it was debunked at that time, and the FBI cleared it as well, the story still resurfaced in the social media today. Hence a quick recap.
–   Trump Org outsourced some of its marketing and promotions to a company called Cendyn


–   Cendyn owned “trump-email.com


–   Cendyn also does similar work for other Hotel Chains such as Sheraton, Hyatt etc.


–   Cendyn, in fact, owns more than 600 domains and websites


–   Cendyn, in turn, outsourced the email campaign to a company called Listrak


–   Listrak is the one who actually, physically owns and maintains the so-called “secret Trump server”. And the server is actually in Philadelphia!!! Not inside Trump Tower!!


–   Why would a Listrak server communicate with a Russian bank’s server?


–   Russia’s Alfa Bank is a large private Russian bank with ~1000 branches and offices around the world


–   When Alfa Bank employees stay at Trump hotels or hold events at Trump golf courses anywhere in the world, their emails get sent to Listrak. (Look at an actual email at the end of this article.)


–   When Listrak sends promotional emails to Alfa Bank employees, the email servers ping (talk to) each other. For technical people, it’s called “DNS Lookup.”


–   No conspiracy!
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(Below: An actual email sent to the Russian Bank – “alfabank.ru”)

Trump Tower Server Email