US Dependence on Minerals/Metals From other Countries

There are over 100 crucial minerals and metals that the US imports from other countries. Without these raw materials, the US economy will grind to a halt. For 20 of those minerals, the USA is 100% dependent on other nations. 

Here is the list of those minerals from the US government:

It’s a long document, so here’s a screenshot of the two essential pages that list the minerals/metals, the countries of origin, and the percentage of reliance. As you can see, there are many shithole countries — as Trump allegedly described them — in the list (Africa, South America, Asia etc.) and also our geopolitical rivals (Russia, China). So, yes, we have to learn to get along with everybody! BTW, the value of these minerals is over $200 billion per year!

Minerals Reliance 1Minerals Reliance 2

In terms of countries, China is the #1 supplier of these crucial resources. Canada, Russia, South Africa and Mexico come next.

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Minerals Reliance world map