E.U. wants “peaceful” Ukraine protesters to return 1000s of stolen guns. Say What???

I am so confused. John Kerry, Obama and 100% of the mainstream media told us repeatedly, ten times in every article, that the Ukraine protesters were freedom-loving peaceful protesters. Remember that viral video “I am a Ukrainian” with the hot girl (and a fake Ukrainian accent)? Wasn’t everybody like that? Beautiful girls, idealistic young men and principled Babushkas standing up against a dictator (Yanukovich) – who has been called a Hitler by many news anchors … wasn’t that the narrative fed to us?

Now, a New York Times article says that the EU wants the protesters – the fascists and the Neo-Nazis – to surrender all the guns. Furthermore,the article goes on to say that during the days of “peaceful protests”, the government’s interior ministry had thousands (tens of thousands?) of guns stolen. How interesting! I am sure it happens all the time … a sleepy guard forgets to lock the building with all the government ammunition.

Of course, if you had seen a video like this before, you would know that the fascists played a key role in the outcome of the protests.

Three things to note here:
1) The fascists had a decisive role in this coup, and they were supported financially and logistically – including supplying them with weapons – by the opposition party with active/passive support of the U.S./E.U. coalition
2) The fascists were just used as pawns by the western powers and the media. Not that anyone should feel bad for the fascists, but Ukraine’s regular people’s future just became more bleak because of these political, Machiavellian power plays.
3) This happens in every “revolution.” The party which wants to seize the power LOVES violent protests…UNTIL the revolution is successful. Then it’s all about “Law and Order.” So, let’s hope the Ukrainians enjoyed their last protests for a long time to come. If you have seen the police gear in Greece and Spain, you know how “efficient” the E.U. police are in crushing protests.

Here is another video that summarizes the deceptions in this Ukrainian coup.
And here is a balanced article with historical, geopolitical perspectives on this issue.