US Staged a Coup in Ukraine – Here’s Why

If you can detach yourself from the official narrative and be neutral for a few minutes, you’ll find this article interesting.

So what happened in late 2013 and early 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine? There was the Euromaidan “revolution” and the Ukrainian President fled the country, right? Not so simple. There is geopolitics and a history of 70 years of meddling in Ukraine by the US.

First, objectively speaking, it’s curious that a US Senator (John McCain) and the US Assistant Secretary of State (Victoria Nuland) repeatedly attended political protests in another country. Oh, Nuland is also the wife of a prominent warmongering Neocon, Robert Kagan.

Imagine if Russian officials were in Mexico doing this at anti-US rallies!

Ukraine Euromaidan McCain 1

McCain giving a speech to the protesters in Ukraine’s fake Euromaidan revolution

Ukraine Euromaidan Nuland

Nuland handing out cookies to protesters in Kiev

Victoria Nuland also admitted during a speech in 2014 that the US had spent $5 BILLION since the 1990s to spread “democracy” in Ukraine. (1-min video below):

When you say, George Soros, many people roll their eyes and think Conspiracy Theories. But Soros’ own group — IRF or International Renaissance Foundation — admits in its 2015 annual report that it has spent more than $180 MILLION in Ukraine since 1990.

 Ukraine Soros IRF

NED or National Endowment of Democracy is a US taxpayer-funded group that specializes in … ahem … regime change. It’s chief, Carl Gershman, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed in 2013 (just before the protests) that “Ukraine is the biggest prize.”

Michael McFaul — US Ambassador to Russia, 2012–2014 — wrote an op-ed in WaPo in 2004 where he asked, “Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine?” Then he answered it, “Yes.”

Why did McFaul write the article? Because in 2004, Soros and other NGOs fomented the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Basically, the election was won by a pro-Russia guy. So people protested and demanded a new election. Then, a month later, the pro-US guy won the new election with 52% of the votes. Democracy, America-style.

BTW, that guy — Yanukovych — who lost the election in 2004 … ran again in 2010 and won fair and square. That’s why we had Euromaidan.

If you go back in history, you will see that the CIA worked with Neo-Nazis (!!) and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine for decades, starting right after World War IIDeclassified CIA documents  talk about Project Aerodynamic in the 1950s and ’60s that recruited Ukrainians to work against the USSR.

 Ukraine Project Aerodynamic 2

So, now hopefully you can clearly see the patterns and that Ukraine is really of special importance to the US.
But why?
Well, have you heard of Brzezinski, the geopolitical expert who influenced US foreign policy for 40 years? He came up with the idea of Mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the USSR, created Al Qaeda, and then repeated the same strategy of using Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria.
Brzezinski Bin Laden

Brzezinski with Bin Laden in Afghanistan

Brzezinski explained in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard, that “Ukraine is a geopolitical pivot. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.”

So, the entire meddling in Ukraine by US is about desire for hegemony over Eurasia, Russia and the world. That’s what its all about!

So what exactly transpired in Euromaidan in Dec 2013-Feb 2014?

US/EU officials used the chaos to drive the democratically elected president out of the country. Then, without an election, new oligarchs — a billionaire and an IMF guy — were handpicked by the West to become the president and the prime minister of Ukraine! Democracy!!

So that’s the truth about the USA-engineered coup in Ukraine.

(Pictures below of Neo-Nazis and protesters attacking the police who were largely ordered not to retaliate.)

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