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Why Judge Curiel Must Step Down From Trump University Case

There has been a huge political drama lately regarding Donald Trump and a Federal Court judge who is presiding the class-action lawsuits against Trump University. The brouhaha started a couple of weeks ago when the judge released many records of the case to the public. This really ticked off Trump, who said that the judge keeps ruling against him because the judge is Hispanic. Trump’s logic was, “I am building the wall on the US-Mexico border, so it’s likely that this Mexican-American judge hates me.”

The media and the Establishment people have been going berserk, shouting their favorite word – racist!  Some are also saying that this is unprecedented and is an attack on the entire judiciary system – proof that Trump is an authoritarian!

From a common-sense perspective, Trump’s concern makes sense. After all, there are polls that show that 77% of Hispanics don’t like him and won’t vote for him. So when the judge rules against Trump over and over, and is hostile to Trump’s lawyers, it’s easy to see why Trump voiced his concern. To add to the hypocrisy, just last year, the Obama administration tried to stop an Iranian-American judge from presiding over cases that involved Iranian nationals!

As for the other point about challenging the judges, many Presidents and politicians have fought judges openly for as long as America has been around. Liberal politicians and media attack conservative judges such as Thomas and Scalia (when he was alive) all the time. So it’s hypocritical for the media to pretend Trump is doing something so shocking.

That said, Trump cannot just demand that no Hispanic judge should be allowed to preside his cases. However, this particular judge – Judge Gonzalo Curiel – seems likely to be an antagonist who will not be impartial. Here are some reasons:

**1. The Judge’s Choice of a Law Firm with Ties to Hillary Clinton: In class-action lawsuits, the judge chooses a law firm that represents all the plaintiffs (the students who are suing Trump University). In this case, Judge Curiel chose Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd as the leading law firm, which is very closely linked to Hillary Clinton. In fact, the firm gave $675,000 to Hillary Clinton in the last few years – these are basically bribes, disguised as “speaking fees.” A serious judge would have chosen a more neutral law firm.

**2. Judge Curiel is a Member of HNBA that Boycotts Trump Hotels, Golf Courses: HNBA  is Hispanic National Bar Association. Last year when Trump announced his candidacy, he talked about criminals and rapists entering the US from Mexico. He was referring to illegal immigrants, but the media and others took it to be all Mexicans. Hence the press release that said, “The HNBA calls for a boycott of all of Trump business ventures, including golf courses, hotels, and restaurants.”

**3. Judge Curiel is a Member of “La Raza Lawyers” that Supports Illegal Immigration: There are several La Raza groups, but the history of original “La Raza” group is quite controversial. The name translates to “The Race” – the Native American / indigenous people. But now, people think of it as for Hispanic people. Some people in this group dream of “Reconquista” – reconquering or taking over large portions of America’s West and Southwest that once belonged to Mexico. This is why when Hispanic people protest against Trump, one can see signs that say, “This is Mexico.”

protest san jose Mexico

Anti-Trump Protester in San Jose, CA

The founder of “La Raza Lawyers” is a guy named Mario Obledo who said that “California belongs to Mexico and all the whites should go back to Europe.” How is this just a group of lawyers who get together for networking and advancing their legal careers?

The big Hispanic umbrella group is called “National Council of La Raza” (NCLR) that was once an anti-white, radical group. Now it’s a giant organization with hundreds of offices all over the country and actively helps Hispanic legal and illegal immigrants in many ways.

Now, supporters of Judge Curiel say that “La Raza Lawyers” is different from NCLR. But the fact is they are closely related, in terms of goals, actions and even people. Judge Curiel belongs to San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA). Consider the following:

Biased Much?

So, just based on his membership to organizations that promote illegal immigration, Judge Curiel – an Obama appointee – could be challenged. Note that the law (28 U.S. Code § 455) provides many reasons why the Judge should recuse himself, one of which is even an appearance of conflict of interest!

Donald Trump could have brought up all these details and organizations, but all the arguments would have eventually lead to the Hispanic issue. After all, if the judge were not Hispanic, he wouldn’t be in these organizations and wouldn’t be passionately advocating these causes.

The politically correct media and the party establishment tell us that you shouldn’t think about the heritage of a judge who belongs to multiple Hispanic groups that promote the interests of legal and illegal Hispanics.

Of course, the same media points to us all the time how a white judge or an all-white jury may not be able to provide justice for a minority defendant.

Finally, a Judge’s heritage (and gender etc.) is definitely taken into consideration when a governor or a president nominates a judge. At that time, the heritage is praised and celebrated! Look at the example below:


This is the hypocrisy and double standard of political correctness in America. In the end, Trump will always be accused of racism, sexism etc. That’s how the powerful forces have decided to brand him. Given the fact that Trump does say the obvious in not-so politically correct manner, expect such drama to go on. However, behind all the hyperbole and the vitriol from the media, there are usually truth and logic in Trump’s actions and statements.

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