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New Zealand Mosque Shooting — Lessons for Whites Around the World

From Brexit to Trump’s election to Yellow Vests protests in France to New Zealand shooting, there’s a common theme: many white people around the world are confused, scared and angry about globalization. And, in some people, the fear and anxiety bring out the worst, including violence and murder.


Furthermore, the fear is not just among the working class; western elites are also scared of the very globalization that they championed, and you can see it in the demonization of China.

Xenophobia or “fear of strangers” is built into our DNA, and it explodes when our jobs, security or other primal needs are threatened. The rapid decline in the living standards in the West over the last two decades is astonishing, and the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 accelerated the downfall. Suicide rates and drug use among middle-aged whites are skyrocketing.

Who’s to blame? The number one culprit is the group of western elites who eagerly embraced globalization, since they thought the world was theirs after the fall of the Soviet Union. Globalists loved the idea of selling more stuff to billions of new customers; and they loved the idea of employing a vast number of hardworking, cheap and grateful worker bees from the developing nations. But they underestimated Asia, especially China.

Second, the same elites waged needless wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia etc. and wasted trillions of dollars and created countless number of refugees who fled to the West.


For the elites, the refugee policy is a good propaganda campaign — after all, how can the West be the enemy when it welcomes the refugees? Also, the western elites use the new influx of people to both reduce the domestic wages as well as to increase demands for consumer products.  Our financial system is a Ponzi scheme that requires ever-increasing number of consumers and debt. Furthermore, since people in the West aren’t having enough children, immigration has become the solution — think of it as “outsourcing of children.”

Third, the average western person also shares the blame. Most people are so brainwashed that they keep supporting perpetual wars. They fall for the same, cliche playbook every time — “Ooh, Assad is evil and gases his own people!” … “Ooh, we need to bomb Libya to spread freedom and democracy” and so on. Look how many Americans now support regime change in Venezuela. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. And if you talk about how Islamic terrorists are used as proxy warriors by the very same people pretending to fight terrorism, most Americans and Europeans will scream at you as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

Nation of Sheep

Trump’s America First had a lot of good messages. However, after he got elected, he bombed Syria, got out of the Iran Deal and tried to destabilize that country, placed numerous sanctions on Russia, started a trade war with China, and is now trying regime change in Venezuela. He’s also increasing the US federal debt like a drunken sailor (the debt went up by $1.4 trillion in the 2018 calendar year). Same old, same old.

Here’s the bad news: the globalization trend will continue. This genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Considering that 75% of the world population live in Asia, Middle East and Africa, whites have to get used to the idea of living in a diverse neighborhood. Even if the West stops all the immigration, the living standards in the West will continue to decline over the next couple of decades, until they’re about the same as the developing nations.

Most people also don’t understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to steal even more jobs than the immigrants. Watch these videos on how automation is taking over jobs in China.


Westerners have to understand that they have to work harder and smarter than before to survive in the globalized economy, which requires a whole different set of skills. And those whites who love to travel, learn about other cultures, and enjoy hanging out with their brown and black neighbors will be even more successful.

The New Zealand shooter (terrorist?) was one of those who really couldn’t understand or navigate the monumental and rapid changes of globalization