How Wars Make America Great

Wars have been great for America since and before its founding. Wars and genocide enabled the stealing of massive land from the indigenous population. Wars among Europeans established the British as the sole rulers of America. Wars with African people enabled slavery, which helped the economy. Wars with Britain created the United States of America. The civil war propelled industrialization. Wars with Spain established the first American colonies (in the Philippines, Guam etc.). World War 1 helped America become a global power. But the one that made America the superpower was World War II.

WW2 was unique in the sense that Europe’s self-destruction elevated America to the top. Europeans killed each other and destroyed their own rich and powerful countries. There is a lesson here that the current generation in Europe seems to have forgotten.

This is America during the 1930s:

The Great Depression. How did the US get out of this misery? Answer: WW2

The US played the arms dealer during WW2. Unaffected by the war, American cities turned on the factories full throttle. By late 1943, the US was manufacturing more weapons than all its allies and enemies combined!

The US cleverly waited for Russia to destroy half of Hitler’s army. Then American troops landed in Europe to fight the Nazis. The D-day on June 4, 1944, was turned into a mythology by Hollywood. Here are some photos of the landing of allies at the Normandy beach in France.

A month later — and 1 year before WW2 ended — the US gathered all the allies in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

And there, the agreement was made: The US dollar will be the global currency after the war. The European empires will be dismantled and will be replaced by the American Empire!

Another bonus for the US: Some of the greatest scientists from Europe escaped Europe and came to America. For example: Leo Szilard (Hungary), Hans Bethe and Klaus Fuchs (Germany), Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi (Italian). And they built the atomic bomb!

And after the war, the CIA secretly brought in the greatest scientists from Germany and Japan. These great minds contributed a lot to the US technology — from semiconductors (transistors) to NASA and plastics to pesticides. Free technology transfer!

After the war, Europe was in ruins. The world’s wealthiest cities—including Berlin, Prague, Dresden, and Tokyo—were reduced to rubble. 20 million Europeans had died. And another 25 million Russians had died fighting the Nazis. Colonial Europe had a new master of its own: USA!

Interestingly, just two years into WW2, US elites saw the end game. Thus, in 1941, they had Time magazine publish an article: “The American Century.” The author was Henry Luce, the owner of magazines like Time, Fortune and Life. He was also born in China as a son of missionaries.

History Repeats Itself

Now, 80 years after that famous article, America is ready to renew the American Century.

Wars can make America great once again.

For that to happen, ideally:

  • China and Russia must be defeated
  • Europe must be economically crushed (yes, a little sacrifice is needed from friends), and
  • Ukraine must be sacrificed

Go back to 1938, you wouldn’t find any European who saw WW2 coming. Everyone thinks they are going to win. Now, Ukraine is foolishly thinking it could win against Russia. And Europeans naively thought — and still think — they could defeat Russia with sanctions.

People are so brainwashed with hatred that no leaders in Germany, Ukraine or most of EU can propose peace negotiation with Russia now. The US will keep sending more and more powerful weapons to Ukraine, until Russia retaliates with something like a mini-nuclear weapon.

To pull Europe into the war, all that has to happen is an attack on a NATO country. The ideal candidate will be a virulently anti-Russian country like Poland or Sweden. With enough provocation, anyone could start a war. Or there is always the option of a false flag attack!

We will see when and if Europeans will wake up and realize what’s happening to them. Europe is the proverbial frog that is being slowly boiled now.