Xinjiang, China (Slideshow)

Xinjiang is a western province in China and has been a critical place on the Silk Road for 2000 years. Xinjiang is very large, about 4 times as large as California! It has deserts, snow-capped mountains, lakes, canyons, fertile lands for farming and modern cities. It’s also a very demographically diverse place that has many numerous ethnic groups. There are about 10 million Uyghur (Uighur) Muslims here, who constitute about 40% of the region’s population. Most Uyghurs are peaceful, although there is a tiny fraction that embraces Wahhabism, separatism and terrorism — for example, about 18,000 Uyghur terrorists went to Syria and joined ISIS in the fight against secular Assad.

The Chinese government is reasonably paranoid about these extremists, since they could disrupt China’s Belt and Road Initiative (the new Silk Road). All the freight trains from China to Europe go through Xinjiang. The West knows that Xinjiang is an Achilles Heel for China, so expect a lot of crocodile tears from globalists for the Muslims in Xinjiang.

The Chinese government does extensive surveillance in the Xinjiang province and people do get arrested and allegedly sent to “retraining camps” if they’re involved in separatist/terrorist activities. However, the numbers are obviously exaggerated by the media. There are plenty of mosques and people can freely practice Islam as the pictures below show.

The slideshow on life in Xinjiang:  these are the happy, beautiful photos that the MSM won’t show you.

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