How America Spread Freedom & Democracy in Ukraine

1. Removed a democratically elected President (couldn’t wait for an election)

2. Orchestrated a coup with the help of a few thousand people that included Neo-Nazis

3. Replaced the democratically elected President with a hand-picked, millionaire IMF banker (Mr. “Yats”) who quickly signed away Ukraine’s sovereignty to the international bankers

4. Shut down independent media and Russian TV stations. Journalists are now being sent to jail for simply writing blogs and articles that are not 100% favorable to the ruling puppet government.

5. Had a one-sided election with no real choices where Yats and another billionaire (who happens to own the largest TV station) got elected as Prime Minister and President.

6. Brought in foreign bankers as the Economy and Finance ministers. An American citizen (who used to work for the US State Dept!) was granted Ukrainian citizenship and the next day made responsible for Ukraine’s finance.

7. Established an Orwellian Ministry of Truth to control the media

8. Considering martial law now

9. Plunged the country into civil war. Kiev says about 6000 people have died, while German media thinks it may be up to 50,000 dead people. 1 million+ refugees created so far.

When Germany and France got together and enabled a ceasefire, the US is already trying to derail peace by sending 600 US troops to Ukraine to “train” the Ukrainian military. The UK is sending armored vehicles. The US congress has already authorized sale of weapons to Kiev.

10, Congratulate everybody on successful democracy and freedom

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