Putin changes course – becomes America’s friend!

Breaking News: Evil Putin has changed his mind after seeing how much America LOVES Saudi Arabia. So starting today, there won’t be any elections in Russia; Putin’s son will be the next leader; women can’t drive in Russia; women can’t work, travel or even get medical treatment without the permission of their father or husband; pre-marital sex=death; there will be 2-3 public beheading every week; carrying a Bible openly will get you arrested; and terrorists and religious extremists will be sponsored all over the world.

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  1. Yes, it is disturbing how “chummy” we are to one of the most tyrannical governments in the world – a kingdom based upon Wahbi-ism, which is the Islamic interpretative equivalent of Pentacostal or Jehovah’s witness style Christianity, Most of the terrorists of the Sunni branch, are brainwashed in this tradition or traditions that share the same core beliefs. So the U.S. is best buddies with this despicable government, because why? Because the Oil companies have our leaders by the curly short hairs … and why is this so …. oh, it basically comes down to the thing we all love and hate in equal portions, depending upon how it is spent – the almighty Greenback. Ugh!

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