How Media Fuels Racism and White Guilt – One Example

Many people think “political correctness” is just about being polite, but it is much more than that. Political Correctness is a pervasive ideology that is also used by the media to propagate guilt among the whites and a sense of rage/victimhood among certain protected groups of minorities, especially African Americans.

Here is a simple example that consists of two stories from the same magazine, Washington Post. Both involve student officials – a teacher and a Vice Principal – using physical force with students.

The first is of a teacher hitting a student. The title screams of accusations of racism. White teacher … hits … black student! Sensational! Racism! The media becomes very color conscious in situations like these.

Media Lie 5a

About a month later, the same magazine reports that a black school official choked a black female student. Moreover, he choked her so bad that she passed out. Do you think the title screamed “Black Official Brutally Choked a Black Student”? Guess again…

Media Lie 5b

Suddenly, the media is completely color-blind! Now it’s just an “official“, without any reference to his race. And the student is not a “black student” anymore!

The same strategy was used to turn African Americans against Trump. George Soros sent his people from Black Lives Matter to disrupt Trump’s speeches and when they got kicked out or attacked, the mainstream media would always use the term “black protester.”

Media Lie 6

This is a very deliberate and a subtle propaganda that most people don’t recognize. This is a deliberate attempt to keep alive the sense of presence of racism. Guilt is a very powerful tool to control people, having been used for about 2000 years by major religions. Political Correctness uses the same tool in a more subtle manner. If you notice carefully, you will find many more such examples all throughout the media.

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