Why Trump is Winning – Marketing 101

There is a very simple yet powerful reason why Trump is winning and Hillary Clinton is losing. It boils down to basic marketing and messaging. Trump’s message and vision is precise, visual and emotional; Hillary fails miserably in this area.

Ask any Trump supporter what Trump will do. They will tell you:

  • Build the Wall, stop illegal immigration, make Mexico pay for it!
  • Bring jobs back (no more bad trade deals such as NAFTA, TPP)
  • Kill ISIS
  • Make America Great Again (“MAGA”)

Other supporters may add * Repeal and Replace Obamacare*, * Take Care of Our Veterans*, *Tax Cuts*, *New Child Care Policies* etc.

His plans are visual and tangible.

Ask any Hillary Clinton supporter to name three of her policies. And, no, being the first female president is not a policy. Most cannot name any single Clinton policy.

Hillary lacks any compelling vision. It’s just more of the same. Her entire campaign is based on experience. It’s like voting for a bureaucrat. “Hey, look at my resume – many years in politics and everybody in the Establishment likes me.” Even her slogan of “I am With Her” is all about Hillary Clinton. What’s in it for the voters?

MAGA” – it’s about the VOTERS; “ImWithHer” – it’s about HILLARY

That’s why Hillary Clinton’s rallies attract about 200 people while Trump easily gets 10,000 to show up.

And this is why Trump is winning and Hillary Clinton will lose unless Trump screws up the debate tonight.


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