Why Liberals Should NOT Vote For Hillary Clinton

About a decade ago, there was a popular book called “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” that talked about how working class and Middle Class Republicans vote against their self interest. The observations in that brilliant book can very well be applied to liberals who are now voting for Hillary Clinton – a Neoliberal corporatist and a warmonger. Perhaps there will soon be a book called “What’s the Matter with California?”

For a long time, country club Republicans knew how to manipulate ordinary conservative voters using emotional wedge issues such as “God, Guns and Gays.” Using meaningless trigger words such as freedom, liberty, smaller government and bigger tax cuts, clever politicians got people to vote for them. But people actually ended up with freedom infringed, liberty crippled, money stolen and government bloated.

The same thing is happening to progressives in America. Corporate Democrats are funded by the same banks, corporations and the oligarchs as the Republicans. The politicians just had to choose different trigger words to appeal to the various groups on the left. Democrats have a little more work to do since they have to tailor the messages for different demographics – women, blacks, Latinos, LGBT etc.

Let’s start with what Hillary Clinton stands for. She is pro-Wall Street, pro-Big Pharma, pro-Monsanto, pro-Fracking, pro-Big Media, pro-globalism, pro-TPP (yes, she is) and pro-military industrial complex. She is funded by the 0.1% and will rule for the 0.1%.

She can say whatever and read whatever speeches her staff writes for her, but as she said in one of her speeches behind closed doors, politicians “need a private and a public opinion on policies.” In other words, it’s okay to lie to get votes.

She and her husband made $150 million in “speeches” from global corporations, banks and governments since they left the White House. Hillary Clinton will also have spent close to $1 billion of other people’s money in this election cycle by Nov 8.  None of this charity. This is an investment by the Establishment. They would want at least 10,000% return on their investment.


In her paid speeches, Hillary was gushing with love and friendship for Wall Street … CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING MY ARTICLE ON “NATION OF CHANGE”

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