Shocking Facts About Voter Fraud

American voting system is dysfunctional and riddled with loopholes, but people find it hard to believe because massive voter fraud is never discovered. However, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. More so, if you’re not looking for the evidence. That is the crux of the debate about voter fraud.

Theoretically, there are three areas for fraud while discussing election integrity:

  1. Voter Registration
  2. Voting (both mail-in as well as in-person)
  3. Counting the votes

First of all, the question that most people have is “Is voter fraud even a possibility in the U.S.?” The answer to that question is absolutely! Here are some quick examples:

1. Peruvian citizen and a green card holder convicted of voting and set to be deported

2. Mexican citizen in Texas sentenced to eight years in prison for voting multiple times

3. Ohio Secretary of State finds 385 non-citizens who were registered to vote and 82 had actually voted

Voting is not like going to a bank to withdraw money from your checking account. The rules for verifying a person’s identity are incredibly weak. Look at the map below. 18 states require NO form of identification – photo ID or any documentation; 13 more states don’t require photo ID. (You can check individual state’s rules online. For example, here is the link for California’s official website for rules for voting).


How do these lax rules translate into practice? In this undercover video from Project Veritas, a journalist in Burqa says she is Huma Abedin – Hillary Clinton’s closest aide – and she is allowed to vote! Furthermore, the name doesn’t even show up in their list, but she is allowed to vote using an affidavit ballot. Here is a quick 30-second clip from the full video:


Here is another Project Veritas undercover video where the Election Commissioner in New York City talks about how bus loads of people are used to vote multiple times. Note that he is a Democrat in a Democratic stronghold so he cannot be accused of any bias. Again, a short 22-second clip from the actual video below:


So here are some hypothetical situations for voter fraud:

  • Illegal Aliens Voting: Jose Rodriguez is an illegal alien but has managed to register and vote. This is especially possible and easy in those states that have 1) “Motor Voter Laws” and 2) also give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. California and Virginia are good examples. Consider that 10 States give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. These states have more than 4 million illegals. They are CA, CO, CT, IL, MD, NV, NM, UT, VT and WA. The Motor Voter law requires that everyone who receives drivers license applicants must be given the chance to register to vote simply by checking a box on the form. Furthermore, some states such as California have “automatic” voter registration when someone gets a driver’s license. Anyone with half a brain can see that many illegal aliens voted in the 2016 election and it’s obvious who they would have voted for – Hillary Clinton.
  • Dead People Voting: John Smith has died but he is still in the database of registered voters. The government may even send the absentee ballot to his home. Either way, someone can vote for him
  • Absentee Ballots Fraud: There are so many ways to abuse absentee ballots. One is to pay people to vote. Imagine a housing project where absentee ballots are requested in mass and people are paid or just convinced to vote for a certain candidate. Nursing homes are also potential sources of abuse – elderly patients can be forced or tricked; or someone else can fill out the forms on behalf of the residents.
  • Registered in Multiple Places: Mary Baker has moved from one county/state to another but is still in the database. Someone in her previous precinct can vote for her
  • Non-Voting Registered Voters: Joe Schmoe is registered but, like 10% of registered voters, he won’t vote. Someone else can vote for him
  • Not Registered: About 35% of eligible citizens don’t even bother registering. Someone could falsely register and vote
  • Provisional Ballot: Joe Blowe can just walk in and use somebody else’s name and vote using a provisional ballot. Even if the actual person ends up voting, there is a chance that the fraudulent vote will be counted or that both votes will later be invalidated

Here are some statistics that will shock people how dysfunctional the U.S. is when it comes to voting, registration and maintaining records.


Here are the resources for the stats listed in the picture above:

Of course, there are not many cases of people actually getting caught in the acts of voter fraud since the rules are so lax. Occasionally, there will be some news about people getting arrested for voter fraud, but since the rules are so full of holes, much of the voter fraud don’t get caught and make it into mainstream news. It’s similar to speeding stats in areas where there are no cops!


The mainstream media vigorously plays down voter fraud of any sort. People who bring up voter fraud are often maligned as “racists” and silenced, since voter fraud mostly involves minorities, illegal aliens and/or poor people. The reason is simple: globalists and corporations want cheap labor, destroy borders and weaken the concept of nation states.

We need to fix this broken system. The recount demand by Hillary Clinton (done through Jill Stein’s fake grassroots fundraising) shows how people can lose faith in both their leaders and the nation if elections cannot operate smoothly and effectively.

As for the recount drama that has been unfolding, please see my blog post “Jill Stein’s Recount: Sinister, Stupid and Shady.”


Many people can’t accept that Trump won in a resounding manner. It was Brexit, Part Two, and the Democratic party and the Establishment need to understand the dynamics, rather than living in denial and trying to overturn the election. Some facts on Trump’s convincing mandate:




  1. I’ve read your dissertation about voter fraud above very interesting. I’m having trouble understanding, if this fraud is happening to such a degree, why is it you appear to say
    Trump won without any voter fraud happening? You just point out 6 facts of the election.
    Are you telling me 62m voted and no fraud was committed by Republicans?


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