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Jill Stein’s Recount: Sinister, Stupid & Shady

Jill Stein of the US Green Party has raised millions of dollars for her quixotic effort to demand vote recounts in three states. Her noble rationale is to ensure the integrity of our election process. On the surface, it sounds good, but it’s a wicked, idiotic and possibly a crooked scam.


The whole recount is possibly an attempt to delay or even stop the certification of electors that can lead to a Constitutional crisis. Trump won’t be the President unless the electors vote for him on Dec 19. For that to happen, the electors have to be certified by Dec 13. If Stein and Clinton and tie up the process for another two weeks, they can disrupt the process.

This recount also is an attempt to tarnish the election and delegitimize Trump presidency and gives excuses for millions of people to keep saying “Not My President.”


#1. Recount is not the best way to assure the integrity of an election. It can be one of many tools to verify an election, for sure. However, if you are going to recount for the sole purpose of quality control, it has to be done for all the 50 states. In this case, the chosen states are specifically the ones that Donald Trump won – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. These States also have a combined electoral votes of 46 which are just enough to tip the election to Hillary Clinton or cause chaos by ensuring that neither one of the candidates gets 270 electoral votes. This recount is not a neutral probe.

#2. Most States have automatic recounts when the results are very close – the rules are different in each state. That criteria is not met in any of these three States. Trump’s leads are 0.2% in MI, 0.8% in WI and 1.1% in PA. No expert now believes that the net result will change after the recounts.

#3. This insanity started with a now debunked article (from New York Magazine, a corporate #FakeNews) that claimed that some computer experts saw evidence of tampering based on their analysis of voting results. Their “analysis” was not revealed for anyone to review and the whole argument was based on fear mongering by claiming that Russia could have infiltrated the voting machines! The same experts (Haldeman and others) later backed away from that claim and switched the argument to it is theoretically possible to hack the voting machines. What a dumb argument! Anything is theoretically possible! Maybe all the US elections have been rigged for the last 200 years. Who knows!

#4. None of the electronic machines in MI, WI or PA are connected to the Internet. Furthermore, MI actually uses only paper ballots. WI and PA also use different systems and machines. Also, consider that PA has 9,100+ precincts, WI 3,600+ and MI 4,800. One has to be beyond delusional to believe in statewide pro-Trump corruption in all these three States …which have diverse and different voting machines … and which haven’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in about 30 years. If anything, it’s more conceivable and possible that any rigging would be in favor of Hillary Clinton in these “blue” States.

#5. From a mathematical and logical point of view, if there is a statewide problem, you don’t have to do a statewide recount. You can just randomly sample a few precincts and demonstrate the problem. On the other hand, if you are able to compare the 2016 results with previous years and reveal some strange variances in a few regions, then recounts should be done just in those precincts/regions. Either way, statewide recount makes no sense.

#6. Many people keep using pre-election polls and exit polls as justifications that Trump couldn’t have won. I have described how polls were obviously rigged in my article. As for the exit polls, the Wisconsin exit poll had Trump leading Hillary by 49% to 45%! The exit poll in Pennsylvania also showed that Trump will win. In both cases, Trump’s lead among men was much more than Hillary’s lead among women. See chart below:


Michigan was close, but exit polls showed that “whites made up 75 percent of the electorate and 57 percent of those voters supported Trump, including 64 percent of white men and 51 percent of white women.”

Note: Exit polls are not always reliable but the point here is that Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton cannot use the exit polls in these states as justification to demand a recount.


#1. The fundraising for this entire operation looks very fishy. While claiming to seek integrity,  Jill Stein refuses to release the details on who has contributed to her effort. She has raised close to $7 million so far and it very likely has millionaires, corporations and lobbyists – the very same people she claims to fight!

#2. Here is another circumstantial evidence that Jill Stein’s “grassroots” fundraising is a scam. Let’s assume that the average donation was $35 (just like Bernie’s campaign). That means 200,000 people donated ($7M / $35) in the last week or so. Then you would see those 200,000 people passionately supporting Jill Stein on social media. On the contrary, Jill Stein’s tweets and Facebook posts have lukewarm support and in fact get mostly negative comments. This is a sign that the money came mostly from big Clinton donors.

#3. Many people in the Green Party has spoken against this ridiculous recount effort, including Stein’s own running mate. Jill Stein is working closely with Hillary Clinton’s lawyers and team, making this whole effort a partisan attempt to stop Trump and not really about a noble purpose.

#4. In her entire campaign, Jill Stein raised only $3.5 million. Then, in a matter of a few days, she raised double that amount. This drama has given her more access to money and publicity than she could ever accomplish.

Update on the Recount Effort (Dec 5)

#1 Wisconsin recount is on its 5th day. Here is the official website to keep track of the progress. Wisconsin has refused to do a hand recount all over the state, but a majority of the counties are doing it voluntarily. Stein has paid the required $3.5 million.

#2. Jill Stein is trying to use the Federal Courts to force a recount in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania has effectively denied the recount effort. The deadline for candidate-initiated recount was Nov 21.

#3. Michigan just started its recount today (Monday, Dec 5). Trump filed a motion to stop Jill Stein’s recount in Michigan, which was originally scheduled to start on Dec 2. The State’s attorney general also filed a similar petition to stop the recount. (Jill Stein has paid about $1M while the actual cost may be close to $12M to do the full recount).


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