War on Syria – The Logical Fallacies

America and its allies have been actively trying to topple Assad for six years, thus fueling one of the most ruthless “civil wars” of the 21st century. This has resulted in millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of deaths, rise of the most psychopathic terrorists and destruction that evokes World War II.

Like a bedtime story for children, the entire war was turned into a discussion about a “brutal dictator” of Syria who oppressed his poor, innocent, freedom-loving people. Hence America valiantly waged a humanitarian war to spread freedom and democracy. Gee, who can resist such a story, especially the average American who watches 1000 movies and TV programs about Hitler before he or she turns 18?

Everything about America is KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. However, if people took the time to think independently and ask some simple, logical questions, the entire façade of this phony war falls apart.

Logic of attacking a “dictator”

People who solely rely upon mainstream media are convinced that Assad is a brutal dictator, but they never ask how we are allied with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and dozens of other countries that are far worse. Selective, aren’t we? Saudi Arabia literally beheads 15-year-old boys for protesting against the government, yet Saudis are spending billions of dollars to spread democracy in Syria? How idiotic is this story?

Did the U.S. government do any polls in Syria to determine Assad’s popularity? You can bet nobody wants to talk about the two polls from CNN and Zogby conducted in 2009 that showed Assad to be the most popular Arab leader!

If Assad was truly a monstrous dictator who controlled everything, how come there were protests, and how did they turn into a civil war for six years?

Even if Assad were a dictator, it’s against the international law for a bunch of countries to partner up and try to overthrow a government. It’s certainly illegal for other countries to ship weapons into another country to fuel a civil war.

Arms Shipment

Saudi Arabia and Qatar bought weapons from US and other countries; then shipped them to the Syrian rebels via Turkey and Jordan


Logic of a “civil war”

When people parrot the talking point, “Assad kills his own people,” they don’t know that tens of thousands of jihadists from all over the world flew into Syria. You see, this was not a civil war, this was an invasion. Assad is killing foreign terrorists, ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Syrian Sunni jihadists who want to create an Islamic caliphate.


Sunni Wahhabi Terrorists Invading Syria


Logic of Who Replaces Assad

Even if one believes all the horror stories about Assad, the logical question is, “Who replaces Assad?” The reality on the ground is that the opposition is either ISIS, which is 100% psychopathic, or dozens of Al Qaeda-affiliated groups, which are 90% psychopathic. They both are head-chopping, mass-executing, Christian-killing, Shiite-killing and suicide-bombing barbarians who literally want to establish a 7th century caliphate. They kill, rape and enslave women and children; invade ancient Christian cities such as Maaloula, destroy churches and crucify Christian citizens. The atrocities are endless. These monsters are thousand times worse than the Taliban. Sadly, the anti-Assad alliance chose these deranged demons to replace Assad, who is a secular, progressive, well-educated man (he was an ophthalmologist before entering politics). Total madness! Of course, if you look into the past history, you will see that the U.S. has tried to use Muslim Brotherhood to topple the Syrian government since 1956. The globalists just don’t care.

War propaganda

When Assad was liberating Aleppo, western bloggers and activists sneaked into Aleppo and somehow managed to be constantly on CNN and BBC to tell the world about Assad’s cruel bombings; Bana Alabed, the phony 7-year-old girl from Aleppo, got a verified account on Twitter and melted people’s hearts. The public doesn’t recognize these people as propagandists. Similarly, when people see dead children everywhere on the media, they don’t recognize it as war propaganda. Do you ever see pictures of babies from Yemen which our buddy Saudi Arabia has been bombing for 2 years? Did you ever see pictures of victims when US and Iraq liberated Mosul from ISIS and killed 40,000 civilians? Would the media’s headlines scream “America is a war criminal”? Of course, not.

Logic of Evidence, Motives, Circumstances and History

The media doesn’t want to focus on the details, since it’s easier to manipulate the public through emotional stories. Did anyone send doctors or experts of chemical weapons to the sites to perform autopsy and study the chemical weapons? No. What is the proof that Assad dropped “some bombs” – chemical or otherwise – on that little town at 6 am? Hey, look, our government showed a Google map with some dots. Not even an actual photograph. Just something that anyone can create in 15 minutes. Okay, that’s good enough! Let’s bomb the hell out of that country!


US “Proof” that Assad dropped chemical weapons

The narrative of use of chemical weapons in 2013 is also equally bogus. So, the civil war starts in 2011. After 2.5 years, the rebels still can’t win. They need powerful missiles that Obama refuses to sell. Then Assad does the one thing that will guarantee the delivery of missiles to his enemies — cross Obama’s red line and use chemical weapons to kill the maximum number of children. (BTW, when the New York Times published an article in 2017 about Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, they left out the infamous 2013 attack. No need to lie since it was mission accomplished).

Similarly, in 2017, we are supposed to believe that on the morning of April 4, Assad called his generals and said, “Hey guys, everything is going well. We are winning against ISIS and Al Qaeda; 5 days ago, Trump said I can stay as the leader; and the EU-Syria peace talks are about to start in a few hours. So … let’s kill some innocent kids so that the entire world will turn against us.”

Logic of Dreadful Chemical Weapons

On another note, is chemical weapon such a horrible, monstrous, evil thing to use? A couple of weeks after this incident, US forces used white phosphorous on Mosul. Perhaps US chemical weapons never kill “beautiful babies.” Let’s not even talk about US dropping millions of gallons of chemical weapons on Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia etc. (Hundreds of thousands of Asians still suffer from birth deformities and other conditions because of Agent Orange and napalm used by the U.S.).

How many American leaders will apologize for the use of nuclear bombs on Japan? How many Americans will feel remorse for the total destruction of German and Japanese cities by fire bombs that burned alive tens of thousands of women and children?

So, when we have to kill our enemies, it’s about showing no mercy. When Assad has to kill terrorists, it better not result in any pictures or videos that will hurt the feelings of Americans.

White Phosphorous

US and Coalition Forces Use White Phosphorous in Mosul, Iraq, in 2017


Logic of US Role

Even if Assad did use chemical weapons, why is America the only country in the world that has to act? USA acts as the investigator, prosecutor, judge, and the executioner. The CIA told Trump that it has “high confidence” that Assad was responsible. Oh, yeah, the same phrase that was used to claim Iraq had WMD; the phrase that admits that it’s not a certainty and the conclusion could be wrong.

Logic of End Result and Cost

Finally, this phony war is an example of when the cure is worse than the disease. If you look at Libya, you can see the future of Syria without Assad. Just like Syria, protests in 2011 in Libya were organized by outsiders, and then Obama-Hillary-McCain-Merkel and others shed crocodile tears for the wonderful Libyan freedom-fighters who just wanted democracy. Utter garbage! Within a week after Gaddafi’s assassination, Al Qaeda flags were flying over Benghazi. Now for the past six years, the country has been wrecked by wars and terrorists. What was once Africa’s richest nation with highest standard of living has now been hopelessly devastated.

The war in Syria cost both Saudi Arabia and Qatar billions of dollars. The US corporations made a lot of money selling weapons, but we have ruined so many relationships in the Middle East. The brand ISIS didn’t even exist before this war, but now they are in Libya, Afghanistan, Philippines etc. Syria has been devastated and set back 15-20 years in terms of GDP. 8 million refugees and half a million dead. Europe is also burdened with refugees, terrorism and social chaos. Nobody benefited from this insane war, except terrorism.

Simple logic: sending billions of dollars of weapons and Islamic terrorists into a country will not spread “freedom and democracy”!

Thus the entire phony war on Syria crumbles when you use logic and start analyzing the mainstream narrative. You can watch the 2-min video on the Truth About Syria or read the numerous articles I have written here.

Author: Chris Kanthan Check out my bookDeconstructing the Syrian War




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