Iran Protests Seem Staged. Here’s Why.

There are protests all over Iran now and social media is full of pictures and videos that show people rising up against the government. The main purported reason is bad economy. Some are even calling for the end of Islamic Republic. Is this an authentic, spontaneous event or is it a drama created by covert puppeteers?

Undoubtedly, there’s a young and westernized Iranian Middle Class that wants to get rid of the Sharia Law. After all, Iran was quite secular before 1979.

However, the narrative about the economy makes no sense. Iran’s economy has been booming for the last two years since the US/EU sanctions were removed. If there was an ideal time for an economic uprising, it would have been between 2012 and 2015. Below is a picture of real GDP growth in the last seven years:

Iran Real GDP Growth
Don’t forget that Iran has the 4th largest oil reserves and 2nd largest natural gas reserves in the world (it shares the natural gas reserves with Qatar). If it were not for the US-Saudi-Israel sabotage and attacks, Iran would be very prosperous.

Iran has also been striking many lucrative economic deals with many countries. China has agreed to invest $25 billion in various projects within Iran (as part of the Silk Road projects); France and Italy have agreed to work on oil/gas projects and sale of Airbus planes (if new US sanctions don’t stop them); Qatar is partnering with Iran on the largest natural gas field on earth; Russiahas agreed to build a 1200-km gas pipeline from Iran to India; Iran is poised to join EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) and the powerful SCO (Shanghai Co-op Org) in early 2018, and so on.

In foreign affairs, Iran won the Syrian war and defeated ISIS; successfully negotiated the nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Obama; and has strengthened its alliance with Turkey and Iraq. Even US media – Business Insider – declared that Iran is the new superpower in the Middle East.

Thus, in domestic and foreign affairs, the people of Iran should be brimming with pride.

Instead, some of the protesters are allegedly demanding that the Iranian government stop helping Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is right out of the Israeli/Neocon wish list! No sensible Iranian in their right mind would demand this, since those are the two best (Shiite) allies of Iran. Hezbollah also acts a strong deterrence against Israel bombing Iran.

Puppet Masters of Regime Change

So how could these protests happen now? One answer is that Iran loosened its restrictions on tourism, resulting in 6 million tourists visiting Iranbetween March 2016 and March 2017.  Very likely that a few hundred CIA/Mossad agents slipped in as tourists.

I have described in my article how protests were organized in Libya, Syria and Ukraine as part of the initial phases of regime change operations. Many of the events and descriptions so far in Iran fit in perfectly with the US Deep State’s playbook and modus operandi in those countries. That the U.S. elites would care so much about the “freedom” of Iranians is an example of geopolitics of crocodile tears.

Neocon projects

Also, don’t forget that, back in 1953, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Iranian leader, Mossadegh, using similar tactics.

It’s no secret that US and Israel are actively working to destabilize the Iranian government. Just two days ago, an article revealed that US and Israel have developed new, covert anti-Iran plans. Well, now we know what those plans are.

What’s Next?

Things are escalating rapidly, protesters are turning violent, and terrorist attacks are aimed at crippling the economy. There are videos of protesters burning police stations and attacking government buildings. Sunni jihadists — favorite proxy soldiers of globalists —blew up oil pipelines yesterday. All these are deja vu, if you remember the sequence of events in 2011 in Libya and Syria.

Anything can happen, but if the last six years indicate anything, it’s that the Iranian leaders are very smart and will ride through this turmoil.

However, one thing is for sure: Islamic fundamentalism in Iran is going away (to a far greater degree than in Saudi Arabia, which is also taking baby steps towards secularism). A couple of days ago, the Iranian government said it won’t enforce Hijab on women in Tehran. 2018 will be the year when the Hijab will fly away in the winds of change. We will see a nation that’s more Persia than Iran.

Apart from that, with help from Russia and China, Iran will play a leading role in the geopolitics of Eurasia in the coming decade.

Author: Chris Kanthan Check out Syria – War of Deception, my new e-book on the Syrian war, the most consequential war of recent times

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