India as a Tool to Contain China — Geopolitics Explained

Four years ago, I wrote an article explaining how there were ulterior motives behind the US allowing Indians to become CEO’s of big American corporations. Now, India has gone further down that path and has almost definitely sealed its fate as a satellite of the US. The consequence will be that India will be stuck in the middle-income trap forever and won’t have much sovereignty in the spheres of economics or foreign policy.

Geopolitics 101

Let me explain the basics of geopolitics. A superpower like the US maintains its status by keeping all the potential rivals weak. Here’s a chart of how the US would like the world to look like:

When one of the rivals gets a bit too strong, it will be attacked mercilessly. For example, by 2012, Russia’s GDP had grown 1000% in a decade. Immediately, the US created problems in Ukraine, brought down the price of oil, attacked Ruble and destroyed half its value, and has been imposing sanctions on Russia ever since. Also, by creating frictions between Russia and Germany, the US kills two birds in one stone — keeping two competitors down at the same time. (Just like how India-China conflicts will be America’s wet dream).

In the 1980s, Japan came under severe attack after Japanese cars and semiconductors started challenging the US. Every propaganda that’s used against China now was used against Japan. Result? Plaza Accord, which killed the Japanese semiconductor sector, forced Yen to double in value, blackmailed Japanese auto companies into moving manufacturing to the US, and basically forced Japan to commit suicide. Japan never recovered.

US Congressmen breaking the evil Toshiba boombox. Time to contain Japan!

This is why Chinese leaders always said, “Hide your strength and bide your time.” But when ZTE announced world’s first 5G call in February 2018, the US imposed sanctions on ZTE within two months, forced the company to pay big fines, and accept American supervisors. Similar attacks on Huawei, dozens of other successful Chinese hi-tech companies, and on entire China has been going on since 2017. Why? China today has grown a bit too much:

In purchasing power, China surpassed the US in 2014. And, as I show in my blog post, China will very likely be the largest economy by nominal GDP within five years (by 2025) as well. Thanks to the extraordinary screw up in handling the coronavirus pandemic, the US may actually lose its #1 spot by 2025. Hence all the anti-China hysteria.

How India was Recruited and Groomed

In the war against China, the US has chosen India to be the big pawn, as traditional US “allies” like Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia have all signaled that they don’t want to be a part of WW3. To give credit to the US, they have been planning on recruiting India for a long time. Let’s expound on this more …

First, one must understand the Faustian bargain that India made with the US. America opened up its job market for Indians, and India opened up its entire economy for the US! And the USA wins in both sides of the deal. Get the brightest workers from India; and in return get two things: (1) access to 1.3 billion consumers, and (2) a geopolitical puppet state.

Democracy and Free Market are propaganda slogans. Why hasn’t the US tried to spread democracy in Saudi Arabia? No, that would be very dangerous — what if a populist Saudi guy gets elected and kicks out the US military base and starts selling oil in Yuan? That would be the end of USA’s global hegemony.

Throughout the Cold War history, the US supported and installed dozens of dictators and mass murderers all over the world — in Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, all over Latin America, Middle East, Africa etc. Currently, the US funds and arms about 70% of all non-democratic governments around the world. Just last year, when the socialist leader of Bolivia won the election, the US instigated a military coup and overthrew the winner. In the 1970s, the US even staged a coup in Australia and overthrew the popular Prime Minister who wasn’t very pro-US. Here is the general idea: “You can choose anyone democratically, as long as he is pro-USA.”

Thus, India shouldn’t fall for the propaganda for “like-minded democratic nations” getting together to contain China.

And “free market” was great until China started to win. Now the US likes protectionism and hates WTO, which the US created! When Walmart buys FlipKart — India’s successful e-commerce startup — that’s cheered on as free market. But do you think the US would have allowed FlipKart to buy Walmart? Of course, not.

The Indian executives in America will never be able to go back to India and start competing corporations. The US has made sure that it has enough control over Indian banks, VC’s and other financial structures to guarantee that there won’t be any funding for Indian versions of Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.

China has Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, TikTok, Baidu, BeiDou, SMIC, Xiaomi etc. to compete with every large American/European firm. India has no such indigenous players. And given the recent moves, India will never have such domestic giants.

Totally Different Success Stories for China and India

Compare India to China, which competes with the US for the global market in all areas of technology, commerce, finance etc. There are 7 Indian companies in the Global Fortune 500 list; and there are 120 mainland Chinese companies on that list! India — 7; China — 120.

China beats India in every metric — GDP-per-capita (5x), international patents (28x), Unicorns (7x), foreign exchange reserves (6x), manufacturing output (10x), foreign trade (6x), electricity generation (4.5x), installed solar capacity (6x — 38GW versus 240 GW), government spending (8x), R&D spending (20x), rice yield per hectare (2x), median wealth of an adult (13x), e-commerce market (20x), mobile internet speed (9x), bullet trains (39,000 Km in China versus zero in India), life expectancy (77 versus 69), healthcare (world ranking: China – 48, India – 145) and the list goes on.

In emerging technologies — 5G, AI, blockchain, robotics, IoT etc. — and foundational technologies such as semiconductor chips, there’s just no comparison at all between China and India. (All the capable Indians in these fields are in the US).

You know where India beats China? In all the WRONG statistics:

Keep in mind that, in 1991, India and China were at pretty much the same level for all those metrics.

Divergence of GDP — India v. China, 1992-2018

What changed? Well, India and China both opened up to the world, but in different ways. China protected its sovereignty, while India blindly embraced “reforms” and American neoliberalism. Now, it’s likely that India will turn out like any other numerous developing nations — Brazil, Mexico etc. — which will always be poorer and obedient “allies.”

To totally control a country, one must control 8 primary institutions or sectors: finance, business, media, technology, politicians, military, farming, and natural resources.

You can look at India and clearly see US’ total dominance in all these sectors. Worse, India is accelerating its vassal statehood by privatizing its state-owned banks, insurance companies, airlines, railways etc. Recently, Facebook and US private equity firms like KKR bought a big chunk of Reliance Jio Platforms — the Indian telecom, digital services and e-commerce giant.

Looking at all the Indian media and the trolls on social media, it’s clear that Indians have been completely brainwashed to hate China. Indians who are so afraid of Huawei and TikTok possibly spying will gladly be 100% spied upon by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nokia/Ericsson and every other western tech corporation — and all of them are linked to US spying agencies. This is a strategic blunder.

Has India forgotten the revelations of Edward Snowden — how the US tapped Modi’s cell phone?

While it’s great that an Indian guy is the CEO of Microsoft, don’t forget that Microsoft worked with the NSA to create backdoor for Skype, Outlook etc. From Google to Facebook and Intel to Qualcomm, every US hi-tech company has been proven to work with US gov to enable spying. In 2020, an American company with close ties to US military was revealed to have rigged 500 mobile apps to spy on hundreds of millions of people all over the world!! The PRISM program of NSA has backdoors into all the global US software:

Every Ally is Disposable

What Indians forget is that how the US can easily switch back and forth, turning allies into enemies or other way around. This is geopolitics and is not understood by people who get carried away with emotions of the moment. Let us take a look at some examples:

1947-1992: The US supported Pakistan and often opposed India. All the jihadists in Kashmir were supplied with US weapons in the 1980s. Yeah, Bin Laden was also America’s Best-Friend-Forever. After the collapse of the USSR, the US swiftly dumped Pakistan and Afghanistan.

(Left) Bin Laden with Brzezinski, architect of Mujahideen and advisor to US Presidents Carter and Obama. (Right) US President Eisenhower visiting Pakistan

1972: To fight the USSR, the US embraced China in 1972. To woo China, the US kicked Taiwan out of the permanent UN Security Council; and even told China that it could eventually take over Taiwan, the obedient vassal state!

Kissinger and Pres. Nixon wooing Mao and other Chinese elites

WW2: The US partnered with Russia during WW2 to defeat Hitler. At that time Stalin was America’s (temporary) best friend — later on, he was constantly demonized by the US. And even though Russia destroyed 70% of the Nazi military, the US took all the credits for defeating Hitler. Furthermore, within a few weeks after WW2, military generals in the US were seriously considering dropping nuclear bombs on Russia! (Kill your ally and take over the world!)

Hitler and Nazis: Hitler and Nazi conglomerates were funded by Wall Street and Rockefeller before WW2. Then after WW2, all the top Nazi scientists were brought to the US under CIA’s covert “Operation Paperclip.” Nazi scientists got top jobs in NASA! And Nazis all over Europe were recruited by the USA to fight the Soviet Union (Operation Gladio)! Yes, it makes your head spin.

Saddam Hussein: In the 1970s and 1980s, Saddam Hussein was America’s friend and pawn to attack Iran. The US actually helped Saddam build his chemical weapons, and even helped him use it against Iran. After ten years of brutal war, Saddam was demonized and targeted for regime change. (Another shocking fact is that the US sold some weapons to Iran as well during the Iraq-Iran war!)

(Left) Saddam Hussein bonding with Donald Rumsfeld — architect of Iraq war later on and US Sec. of Defense. (Right) US President FDR having an amazing time with Stalin

Syria 2011-2020: The US armed Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurds to attack Assad. Anything it takes to achieve geopolitical goals. There’s no morality. As US Secretary of State Pompeo boasted, “We stole, we cheated, we lied.”

The list of American Machiavellian schemes goes on. If India thinks that the American boyfriend is going to marry her and happily live ever after, Indians are too naive and don’t understand geopolitics at all.

If there’s an India-China war, not a single American is going to die for India. However, the US will ensure that the proxy war continues as long as possible. This will be great business for US arms dealers. Remember the words of the famous Indian activist, Arundhati Roy:

At the end of the war, India’s economy will be so weak that US corporations will buy even more Indian assets for pennies on the dollar.

Furthermore, India must understand how the US economy and even the US military depends on China. American missiles and fighter jets cannot work without the rare earth minerals from China; and the US economy literally cannot function for even a few months without Chinese goods and labor. Also, US corporations based in China rake in tons of money, thanks to the Chinese middle class, which is the largest in the world. America’s S&P 500 companies based in China made $700 billion of revenue in 2018.


No, China shouldn’t be India’s enemy.

First of all, China is a rising power and America is a declining power. Thus, from a practical point of view, the current Indian policy makes no sense. Most Indians are clueless about how advanced China is now. Check out my blog on China’s global leadership in technology, economy, and other areas.

India won’t catch up with China any time soon. Maybe America is blowing smoke up India’s you-know-what and feeding delusion that India can be the Asian hegemon. Even if India grows at 8-9% every year, its nominal GDP will be only $6 trillion by 2030. At that point, China will still be 5-6x larger than India and also a superpower bigger than the USA.

Let’s take a step back. For 2000 years, the two largest economies in the world were China and India. Guess how many wars they fought during those prosperous years? ZERO!

Ten years ago, there was a visionary concept called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). What happened to it?

Modi, Xi Jinping and Putin at BRICS Summit

Russia and China have a 3,500 km border, and they are not at each other’s throat. Why? Because of trade, interdependence, and a win-win strategy.

A smart India will stay friends with the US and, at the same time, leverage China to make peace with Pakistan. That will be the wisest and Nobel prize-deserving ingenuity. Freeze border disputes for a few years and focus on growth, trade and peace. Don’t become a victim of the divide-and-rule playbook.

Imagine if India could get cheap oil and gas from Central Asia, transported through Pakistan — that will solve India’s future energy problems. Encourage China to move some of its manufacturing to India — especially electric cars/buses, which will reduce pollution; hire China to build housing projects for tens of millions of people stuck in Indian slums; and use China’s expertise to build high-speed rail.

India should also join China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which has more than 120 countries as members, including European nations such as Italy and Greece. India can learn a lot from China — for example, how China plans 5, 10, 40 years in advance; and how China has laser-focus attention and resolute meritocracy. There are numerous areas where India and China can cooperate and also compete in healthy ways.

In 1954, Indian Prime Minister Nehru went to Beijing and spent three days with Mao. And they came up with the “Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.” The famous slogan in those days was, “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” — meaning “Indians (and) Chinese (are) Brothers.” Hopefully, sometime in the future, there will be new leadership that will try diplomacy based on those ideals.

India’s global ranking in Human Development Index (HDI) is #130. That is, people in 129 countries are better off than Indians. India also has a lot of systemic and structural problems that will drag the country down, if left unsolved (see my blog). Thus, for the next twenty years or so, India’s focus should be on improving its economy, technological innovation, infrastructure, housing, healthcare, education, and environment.

As a final warning, India shouldn’t become a pawn of a disastrous war that will murder the “Asian century” in its infancy.

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  1. US government are good at divide and rule inside and outside of its country. For example, the downtrodden in US should get help from sympathetic nations like China, but in actual most of the have not and discriminated bought the idea from the neo con controlled media to hate China for fake reason. Until people are well informed, the world will remain in the hand of evil supremacists.

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  2. Good article! I totally agree with your analysis. But to be honest, I doubt that India and China could work together. Based on my observation, Indians are proud people, many of them can not tolerate a powerful China. This is because China controls the Tibetan plateau, where China can launch attacks upon Indian cites, while china’s major cites are to the far east. Proud Indians can not put their national security on China’s goodwill. I, as an ethnic Zang people (Tibetan), can understand why India always shouting “Free Tibet” on twitter.

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    1. So Xin Liu, do you consider that Tibet be an independent sovereignty? I see that following China’s annexation Tibet has grown in prosperity, same with Xinjiang. Frankly I can’t see why it is bad to be part of China, historically, these 2 large land mass has been with China although different warlords were ruling it at different intervals since a few thousand years ago and the link remains unbroken.


      1. Definitely no! We have Chairmen Mao’s and Xi’s portraits hanging in our house. We love them! And we are proud to be Chinese. Also, you can see my other comments below. Tibet and Xinjiang are the legitimate territories of China.

        What I meant in this comment is to point out the true geopolitical reason of the China-Inda faceoff. It’s not about freeing Tibetan people or religion. It’s because India has the same “buffer zone” strategy as the Brits. India knows that China is more powerful and Tibet is a huge geography advantage to China. So India has been desperately trying to do salami-slicing at the border: India has short logistics so they have local advantages!


    2. China had NEVER invaded India in its history. The unsolved border problem is a legacy passed down by the British Raj, just like the Kashmir problem


  3. Great work! I hope the Indian government have read your article. In today’s news there are several soldiers killed in the boarder dispute between India and China. It’s a worry.

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  4. I also agree India and China should and must work together for Asia/World’s greater good. I hope the above article/message gets translated (if need be) and broadcast and made available to the masses, to both the ordinary citizens and the soldiers (who may not be able to access/or be aware of such info), so that everyone can see the bigger picture and are not blindsided by western propaganda.

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  5. An effective geopolitic analsys that shows the main raisons why the US is trying to avoid a multipolar world. Thanks for sharing! In addition, I think Americans are strongly trying to split China (see Xinjiang and Tibet). They have aready done the same in the EU: the US is so glad the UK is out of the European single market and customs union.
    The US is surrounding the mainland China’s territory: they’re close to Pacific coast of China, Taiwan, Okinawa, South Korea, ect, they’re also in Afghanistan, which border is close to China (Wakhan corridor). And now India has just become the new US’s geopoliic puppet (as you rightly mentioned) in the heart of the Asian continent.
    Actually, I can’t understand why many Asian countries, such as China, Russia, Iran, etc, don’t create a coalition with the aim of defending the resources of the Asian continent … It is not too late.

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  6. China-India good relationships will be a God-sent to Asia. These two nations share similar past history of being the two most powerful nations for 2,000 years, yet also humbled by Western powers for some 200 years until both nations are emerging from under the Iron fists again.

    Hopefully they are not be manipulated to fight each other for the Western powers to re-colonise the region again.

    At the rate both countries are going and a bit of good fortune, both nations could even surpass USA to be the number 1 and 2 most powerful nations, both militarily and economically, in another 15-20 years.

    USA is in deep trouble, it will have an extremely hard time extricating itself from its domestic social problems as well as the World’s perception on the validity of its currency in global trade.

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  7. 💯- on point – except when it comes to the cozying up with China.

    After all NEVER EVER forget, that the dictation: “ All warfare is based on deception.”, originated from Chiiinnna. Authored by SunTzu , a general and strategist, 544 B.C – revered among the greatest military strategists world over to this day.

    And they, The modern day Chinese, follow him and his teachings to the T.. with inherent imperialistic self pride, I may add. (I respect that quality among Chinese who have that self respect in their DNA across the board irrespective of their religion, their country of residence or their ethnicity)

    Whereas we, Indians did also have a great strategist Chanakya- 4th century BC – a diplomat and political strategist, whose insight “My enemy’s , enemy is MY FRIEND “, is the fundamental backbone of all allegiances, be they in peacetime or at war, followed dutifully world over, by all mega powers past and present.

    Except in India, the land of his origin… where I bet half the people today don’t even know who he was!

    The world, particularly the Western world, especially among their open minded citizens, not hampered in fear by religious bigots- There is such envy, respect and longing for all that is culturally, strategically and spiritually rich from Asia, pointedly from the heritage of India.
    I, much like inner all our friends who live outside India will vouch for that.

    Whilst in India -we, the Indians with our traditionally (starting over the last 4-5 generations maybe) subservient DNA (perhaps not all of us – I hasten to add- because I am a PROUD Indian who will NEVER fall in that category, as I believe ALL my friends are too), are eager to forget our Glorious Heritage and unparalleled past – as we exist enslaved by petty squabbles based on religion, language and fear of being “untrue to man made diktats of ritualistic religious bigotry , we choose consciously NOT TO BE TRUE and justify shedding our inherent uniqueness- being born into a race that has an envied storied place in human evolution, let alone World History.

    Every Indian no matter where they are has in their bones DNA from an ancient civilization….that exists ALIVE to this day.

    Misinterpreted perhaps by zealots and ritual slaves, of today, but the core philosophy of what it means to be termed “Indian”, is essentially throbbing in the fabric of India, as seen with the eyes of leaders and people of every other nation.

    That “Indianess” – It throbs with the same breath of life that spawned, The Vedas , The Epics, The Languages , The Arts, The Mathematics , The Culinary prowess, The Medical Paradigms, The Sciences and The Spiritual Awareness that man when he chooses to be, is verily indeed the truest Part of God in Earth…such powerful legacies cannot be wiped clean, no matter who and how hard they try, all of this glorious inheritance, in my opinion, languishes deep inside the consciousness, of every Indian, be they where they may be.

    That spirit alone should unite India… that being “An Indian”, by birth or ancestry is a powerful privilege.. because it gives you a linearly complete connection that in its purest forms – of arts, science mathematics , culture , languages, spirituality is indelibly linked with All Human History, a connection that is still ALIVE.. over 5000 plus years later.!!!

    And how many other nations or people can say that?

    What a pity- that Indians choose to squabble like vermin over scraps- when, United they could soar like eagles!!!!

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  8. Whilst USA’s determination to maintaining its international hedgemony is well recognised through its nefarious actions on helpless nations, China’s behaviour in the last 5 years does not help. China’s actions through bullying to control drives other countries into American arms for perceived protection.
    The analysis on India/China dynamics ignores Pakistan’s hatred towards India based purely on religion. China finds this phenomenon convenient and plays a significant role in its adversarial attitude towards India. This policy by China is myopic and will serve towards its imminent downfall. Western countries will stop at nothing to contain China. China will realise it’s folly of supporting Pakistan against India because it cannot be trusted and will bite back due to radicalism.


    1. Even if China did not support Pakistan, India would be in the fold of the Europeans. Remember White Europeans cannot be anyone’s friend for ever. By the way, the war mongers and the Zionists are working relentlessly for and driving the world toward the Third World War. No one will benefit from the war and everything will be ‘normal’ after the war.

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  9. Your analysis is perceptive and insightful. But it appears to overlook certain problems on the ground. It is fine to state that there ought to be a coalition of Asian countries to ensure Asian primacy in the 21st C. It is not that India did not try to maintain good equations with her neighbours. The reality is that such efforts are apparently frustrated by China’s expansionism complimented by Pakistan’s machinations. The very creation of Pakistan and its ongoing operation as a rougue state is based on a plane of antagonism towards India. That Pakistan itself is, in the process, self-destructing and getting reduced to a vassal State of China is another story. Targetted by such inimical neighbours, the only option open to India may be to align with like-minded democracies such as US, South American and West European countries, Japan and Australia in order to protect her interests. And keep hoping for beneficial changes in west and south East Asia going forward.


    1. 1. Tribal, religious and territorial conflicts are symptoms of stunted human consciousness. We need a smarter and more sophisticated approach. And it’s not really that difficult.

      2. The US and India are not “like-minded”. The US is a Global Empire whose hegemonic objectives are radically different from those of India.

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      1. Totally agreed. For India the“ like mind“ concept probably closest related to the Eastern part of India. Remember the Calcutta trader who traveled 2000 years back to South and East Asia and help creat civilization. It is Buddhist land with cultural attachment to Hinduism.

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    2. When most Indians are made to believe that India is the victim, the genuine cooperation between China and India is impossible.
      1. Maxwell’s interview. Maxwell is the author of India’s China war. He said in the interview: “It is the Indian refusal to negotiate that created the boundary dispute, that makes it impossible to resolve it, and will make it always impossible until some Indian government appears, and as Gorbachev once did, says “we’ve got it wrong, you’re right. We’re ready to sit down and negotiate. Which doesn’t mean we’re going to give you territory but it does mean we’re going to discuss with you and argue with you over where the boundary should lie.”
      2. Here are two interesting blogs about the India-China border problem from two Indian bloggers, respectively.
      This is one straightforward blog.
      This is a very detailed blog about the 1962 war.
      3. The above book and blogs are not only based on China’s statement, but also based on the Henderson Brooks’s report, which I heard that it is still banned in India.

      Conclusion: In Chinese people’s view, India is the aggressor and was defeated many times but never stopped hating China. You can choose to not believe the mentioned book and blogs, but they will help you to understand China’s thoughts on the China-India border issue.

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    3. India is not a democratic in the true sense. Indians can practice democracy only during the election times. The Indian ruling elites behave completely like autocrats during their tenure. India is not comparable to democracies such as US, South American and West European countries, Japan and Australia . India is still a very poor, underdeveloped and communal society. Hundreds of millions of Indians are uneducated or under-educated and terribly superstitious and an hindrance to progress and development. India is not a tolerant society. Minorities in India are routinely persecuted and murdered. Churches and mosques are routinely burned down and desecrated in India. Members of India’s Muslims minority have routinely been lynched by Hindutava zealots on mere suspicion of carrying beef. Now India’s Hindutava government is working to make millions of its Muslim minority members stateless. So India cannot align with the “like-minded” democracies on ideological grounds.

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    4. India cannot align with the West on ideological grounds because their ideologies do not match. India can only be geopolitical partners (read pawns or tools) of the White Europeans. By the way, history proves they cannot be anyone’s friends for ever.

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  10. This is a very insightful piece.. but how do you propose India leverage China to make peace with pak? Aren’t they having contradictory agendas ?


      1. China, India and Pakistan are, at last, sitting together in the same forum: the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). One hopes their leaders will make use of that forum to earn mutual trust and resolve their issues.

        Modi has shown that he is not totally unchangeable. A good example was his 2018 informal summit with Xi in Wuhan, after which his China-unfriendly attitude shifted. Perhaps Modi should do what Merkel did – she visited China a dozen times as Chancellor, and she has a virtual “free pass” to roam anywhere in China.


  11. India will never learn to be a truly Independent nation like China.Indians because of their culture and beliefs cannot unite to build a strong nation. China used Mandarin to unite China.India had a wonderful language Sanskrit.They could have used it to unite India and become strong and move forward like China did.It must also learn the disciplined behaviour of the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese.


  12. Most comprehensive Explanation
    Ever read.
    Just a pity to India of being Modi
    Becomes a latest vicitim of US brain washed puppet.


  13. Interesting article … India getting cheap oil etc … even if free oil it finally boils down to the ruling governments policies n much more.
    Likewise India poses no threat to any nation cause india already is in a mess and busy with religion politics.
    Smart India will focus on growth oriented policies n strong infrastructure.
    Success will start rolling!


  14. 👍👍Yes, India should not fall into the trap set up. Mao once said, A strong India with good relationships with China is the only key for Asia rise as world powers..


  15. Actually Saddam Hussein was already a US CIA asset back in the late 50s:

    “Saddam was seen by U.S. intelligence services as a bulwark of anti-communism and they used him as their instrument for more than 40 years, according to former U.S. intelligence diplomats and intelligence officials. (…) his first contacts with U.S. officials date back to 1959, when he was part of a CIA-authorized six-man squad tasked with assassinating then Iraqi Prime Minister Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim.” (“Exclusive: Saddam key in early CIA plot”, UPI)

    Many US provided weapons (bought from eastern Europe stockpiles or taken from Libya [after that it was turned into a failed state by NATO forces], then passing thru NATO Turkey toward Syria, etc) ended up in ISIS hands but that was mostly indirect: rather taken over during infighting with the others US-backed ‘rebels’ (pseudo FSA, etc), or otherwise when many of those ended up among either ISIS or al Nusra front (aka al Qaeda in Syria, nowadays re-branded as HTS).once their so-called “moderate” factions were decimated by these latter.

    “CIA operatives and U.S. special operations troops have trained and armed nearly 10,000 rebel fighters [to fight the Syrian government] at a cost of $1 billion a year since 2012.” (wikipedia, Syrian_Civil_War#Foreign_involvement)

    “The U.S. supplied a considerable amount of weapons and ammunition, of both American and Soviet-type from Eastern Europe, to Syrian rebel groups under operation Timber Sycamore. For example, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported that in December 2015 the U.S. shipped 994 tonnes of weapons and ammunition (…)” (wikipedia, List_of_military_equipment_used_by_Syrian_opposition_forces)

    No need to mention that most of the world actual “terrorism”, from ISIS to al Qaeda, from the Taliban to whatever Salafist/Wahhabi/Takfiri pawns used for proxy wars, is bankrolled by US allies Saudi Arabia and other UAE, Qatar, Turkey, etc, with the full knowledge of the US governments past and present, as documented in decades of their leaked diplomatic cables among countless others sources…

    “In an August 2014 email, leaked by WikiLeaks, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent then counselor to Barack Obama John Podesta a memo that states that both [US allies] Saudi Arabia and Qatar “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [aka ISIS/Daesh] and other radical Sunni groups [aka al Qaeda in Syria/al Nusra front/HTS] in the region”.” (wikipedia, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant#Supporters)

    “The [US allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar then bankrolled and supplied] Nusra Front praised the [Daesh/IS] November 2015 Paris [terrorist] attacks (…)” (wikipedia, Al-Nusra Front)

    [US allies] “As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud in their Riyadh meeting, the new addresses for weapons assistance were al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch of Jabhat al-Nusra and the Army of Conquest (Jaish al-Fateh), led by Ahrar al-Sham, set up by former al-Qaeda affiliates. After the shipment of weapons via Turkey, the Army of Conquest captured Idlib, Jisr al-Shughur, Ariha and Mastume. (…)” (al-monitor, 2015/06/turkey-qatar-syria-saudi-arabia-remain-alone-in-syria)

    [US allies] “Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are assisting elements of the Syrian opposition that are making headway in Syria. These include Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda-linked group, which reportedly seized Idlib recently with arms supplied by Turkey.” (al-monitor, 2015/05/turkey-syria-aiming-radical-groups-shipping-weapons)

    [then Vice President of the United States] “Joe Biden [at Harvard’s Kennedy School, October 2014]: “our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria … The Turks (…), the Saudis, the emirates [add Qatar], etc., what were they doing? They were so determined to take down [Syrian government] Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia [sectarian] war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad, except the people who were being supplied were Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.” (youtube, watch?v=dcKVCtg5dxM&t=53m20s)

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  16. Hopefully the relevant Chinese and Indian authorities will put an end to the current tensions, because it is truly pathetic to see part of the US media/political class wishing for a war, it is truly pathetic to see the ultra-nationalism lunacies form parts of the Indian population, etc; what was rather encouraging is to see China trying to use restrain, to not to pour oil on fire by e.g. releasing casualties figures. Not sure who initialized the fighting, but i certainly know who didn’t try to exploit jingoist, warmongering, populist and nationalist sentiments there: China, and that’s in the plus column.

    If they were smart they would use the coming weeks/months to definitely settle these borders issues, from the top of my head, they could put a large part if not all the contested border territories under special shared juridiction, do some free trade zone wherever possible and do binational (trinational if i include Nepal) border patrols, etc. Like old European rivals can nowadays manage to have in some places mixed military troops.

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    1. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend only if you can control this “friend” after everything is over. But this “friend” is someone that you wish to overtake in thirty years’ time. That can’t be your friend no matter whose enemy it is.


  17. excellent reading. a good alternative for keeping INDIA THE NATION FIRST.


  18. Agreed to this piece earlier but looking at the situation Now, doesn’t make sense.. China is prvoking japan& otyers too. Xi trying to divert publi attention by raking border disputes.. hope Better sense prevails ..


    1. China is recovering well from the virus. And if you refer to that the recent clash with Japan on the small island was provoked by China, then you are wrong. It is Japan that proposed to change the status of the island that raised the tension.
      And the India-China border issue, I would believe it is provoked by the Indians. Because now China’s most important strategical goal is to unify Taiwan. And also China is busy dealing with HongKong, so why China will be interested in fighting India?
      Here is a blog from an Indian guy, this might help you to understand the issue. Or at least help you to understand what most Chinese think about the border issue. It’s very long but if you are an India or a Chinese, it’s totally worth the time to read it.

      BTW, Hi Chris, sorry for posting so many other people’s blogs here.

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    2. In China, unless I like to watch international news, many other people don’t know about the Sino Indian conflict. If China doesn’t disclose the casualties, it doesn’t want the bilateral relations to deteriorate further. There’s no inciting the border as you said. You can’t see this information if you don’t search the news of China. If you think like this, it’s just propaganda from the West. News just tells you what’s going on. You have to judge by yourself. It’s not that the West believes it and can’t provide evidence at all. American intelligence agencies don’t need Shu


  19. 1. QUAD is a military alliance and will only result in India wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on overpriced US weapons.

    2. The US won’t build a single road or a hospital in India. On the other hand, China will fund and build many useful things. If Italy, Greece, Serbia and other EU countries can leverage China, so can India.

    3. The US has 800 military bases around the world, but Indians are worried about China’s “Pearl of Strings”? Needless paranoia.

    4. India accounts for less than 3% of China’s exports. Nobody is stopping India from becoming producing its own goods or buying from somebody other China. Don’t be like Trump.


  20. Highly analytical and clear reporting that tears away at the muck that Western Main Media publishes to throw away the scent of America’s true intentions.


  21. The problem is Modi has gone too far down the road with Uncle Sam. After Trump’s visit to India, its fate was sealed. It becomes a junior partner of the 5 Eyes like Japan.
    Now the front line of 5 Eyes is Ozzie and India. They r the ones making the most noise.
    India thinks by going down this path, Uncle Sam will switch all investments from China to India.
    They have to pay dearly to learn.

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  22. I never understood Premier Modi cosying up to America as their geopolitic strategy is so plain and obvious any fool with half a brain should steer away cautiously. Indians should read the above article and see where India is being blindly lead to. Wake up India. Our forefathers knew about China and the desire to be ‘Bhai, Bhai’!


    1. More communist propaganda than anything else. Just an attempt to influence public opinion by a communist country. Remember that the first step has been taken by China by encroaching on territories that do not belong to it. Then you say China has never attacked India. Remember that there is always a first time and it has happened in 1962. The truth is that China is now trying to encroach upon territories of more than a dozen nations and also on international waters and is defying orders of the International Court. China can keep on lying to its people through its official media and they have no choice but to believe it. But paid stuff like this will always be subject to scrutiny by discerning readers and be trashed. Look within and then try to correct others. If you guys have any courage, I would like to see this published.


      1. Nationalism turns people into babies. So, according to you, India is 100% innocent and China is 100% guilty? 🙄 Maybe if India didn’t support Tibetan separatists in 1959, there wouldn’t have been a war with China in 1962. Your talking points are boring. Go somewhere else and spew your hatred.


  23. Learning every day!
    USA is the real control dog watching over the world countries to disable any one country that just to advance to a better life oh no no no staying down I’m the top 🐕😔


  24. Offcourse there is a lot of undeniable facts vis a vis America’s complicity and China’s growth. But we are talking here about a time span of say 100 years at best! And the critical points missed out :
    – the Chinese system of a One party rule and increasingly now a One man rule vs a democratic system like in US and India where the most powerful are the people of the land and not any one single individual over any significant period of time
    – Ultimately in the last 100 years or so it has always been competition between men (between nations) and AT THE COST of NATURE and in the longer run this is never going to be sustainable
    – All the progress that Science has enabled so far and which an US or a China is flaunting is about the basest of human activity – Human Survival and how to make it more comfortable – and the very fact that we are already utilising 1.7 times Earth resources already makes this path unsustainable in the longer run
    – this is where India comes in
    – Being the most diverse country in the world it is slowly but surely learning to deal with diversity at all levels – people, language, thinking etc etc and evolve a system that will put humankind on a path of ultimate growth – the inner growth of the individual
    – India will completely redraw human preoccupation with external growth (materials, possessions, wealth etc) by directing the quest towards internal growth of the Soul and attainment of the real goal – how to live in harmony with Nature….
    – give it a few more centuries – India will ensure that ALL humans will get there!!


    1. Another few century will be too late. The good earth will be turn into dust from the nuclear holocaust that is threatening us right now by US hegemonic greed. India must never allow themselves to become vassal states to put up against China. Both countries had long favourable histories with each other and should not let US & her allies UK & other stooges destroy the long and old friendship. Ideologies should be the barrier, common good is more important.


  25. This is a masterpiece, thoroughly analytical, unbiased and informative. Indians should calm down and not be rhetoric to jump into a war with China. If they do so that would be last nail in their dream to be an economy of world class. I hope, their leaders should stop diving the nation, to cling to power.


  26. Hopefully India is disciplined enough to pull back their desire and do the right thing. Being a vassal states of the hegemonic US can only leave them forever poor and subservient to the Western ideologies. Being once a strong and proud independent nation with long and strong cultural history, India should not be lead by the nose.


  27. India and China are two ancient civilisations that have co-existed for a long time. They are in a sense kith and kin and can co-exist to establish the Asian century as described in the article. Their purpose is to create a better life for its impoverished peoples much like China has done and still doing. India must be weary that she’s not played out and it’s policies hijacked by the US and the west for their own ends. Learn from our histories of our humiliation and subjugation to them, the opium war for instance and India’s colonial past. Don’t let it happened again and don’t help to MAGA at our expense.


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