Yellow Peril Emerges Again After 150 Years (video)

Here’s a quick video based on my new book, looking at the toxic Yellow peril hysteria sweeping through the United States. However, this is not new and is just a rehashing of the 19th century Sinophobia. After the Opium Wars — in which the USA was an active participant — the British and the Americans exploited Chinese workers, who were sent to America, Australia (British colony at that time) and elsewhere. In the U.S., Chinese faced all kinds of racist and discriminatory laws for many decades until 1882 when the Chinese Exclusion Act specifically banned all Chinese immigrants. This appalling law lasted until 1943 when the U.S. wanted China’s help in defeating Japan; also, the U.S. wanted to install its puppet Chiang Kai-shek as the leader of China. So, the law was modified to allow whopping … 105 Chinese … per year to come to the U.S.!

In the 19th century, numerous vile laws targeted the Chinese. Later, Chinatowns were attacked and Chinese men, women, and children were slaughtered. All the bigoted tropes we hear today were also used two centuries ago: Chinese are stealing our jobs, they bring diseases and drugs, they are corrupt etc. History may not repeat precisely but it certainly rhymes:

Watch the video:

In places like California, there was a huge demand for workers to do very challenging jobs such as working in the gold mines, building railroads through the Sierra mountains, digging tunnels, building dams and roads, and turning vast areas of swamps into rich farmlands. Guess who did all that work? Chinese, who had amazing infrastructure skills and were very hard working. The Chinese workers were so skilled and efficient that they completed the Transcontinental Railroad seven years ahead of schedule. America’s elites were so delighted that they called the Chinese “Celestial Men of Commerce”.

However, the working class whites were threatened by the Chinese success. Soon, a toxic mix of racism and competition led to multitude of racist and apartheid laws. For example, there were taxes specifically targeted at Chinese workers. New laws prohibited Chinese from voting, owning mines, and then even owning any real estate. Then Chinese were banned from becoming US citizens. State and local governments were prohibited from hiring Chinese workers; and eventually private corporations couldn’t hire Chinese.

Whites started attacking and killing Chinese workers. When the Chinese tried to seek justice, new laws prohibited Chinese from testifying against whites! Then there was Page Act, which basically said that all Chinese women were prostitutes.

Mainstream magazines and newspapers were filled with all kinds of vile, xenophobic articles and cartoons.
They accused Chinese of cheap labor, immorality, and bringing small pox and opium. How Orwellian when considering that Americans had been smuggling opium into China in vast quantities for the previous 75 years!

In my book, there is an entire chapter on how America made a fortune by trafficking opium into China. This had a euphemistic name: “China Trade.” Many famous names like Forbes, Perkins, Astor, and Roosevelt trace their wealth back to “China trade.” 4-time US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt lived off opium trust fund from grandpa Warren Delano. John Jacob Astor was America’s first multi-millionaire. He made his money by turning tens of thousands of Chinese into opium addicts. America’s industrial revolution was partly financed by Opium sold into China. Prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia all benefited from charities from drug dealers who wanted to whitewash their China Trade.

After 30 years of exploiting Chinese workers to build the foundation for western states, America decided it didn’t need Chinese help anymore. Whites invaded China towns and brutally attacked and killed men, women and children. This happened not only in California but in many states from Colorado to Washington.

History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes. Look at all the current laws targeted at Chinese students, Chinese scientists, Chinese goods, Chinese tech companies, Chinese industries … they all mirror the 19th century propaganda. Communism is just a new excuse for recycling the old hatred.

The modern propaganda about “Uyghur genocide” is again a racist strategy to demonize the real victim of sanctions, tariffs, and color revolutions. The video above shows a 19th century cartoon that is titled “Yellow terror in all its glory.” After all the violence against the Chinese, this cartoon portrays the Chinese man as murdering a white woman. It’s a clever psychological tool to justify Sinophobia.

Now, the real struggle is at a global geopolitical level. The US wants to stay #1 and sabotage China’s rise. However, the elites cannot openly talk about their intentions. Thus, they have to create emotional atrocity propaganda and also appeal to the subliminal racist and xenophobic instincts of the masses.

Check out my book: “China, China, Chyyna: Greatest Disruption to American Century

-Chris Kanthan


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