Three Reasons Why Climate “Science” is Hoax

Climate change seems real to people for one simple reason: Extensive propaganda that is backed by “scientists,” who are treated like infallible priests, and magnified by celebrities and politicians. Censorship is also a part of this propaganda. When people are constantly fed cherry-picked facts and sensational exaggerations, they start believing in all the narratives about global warming and climate crisis. However, here are three simple facts why there is no real science behind the climate hoax.

Note that no other science requires such propaganda. Idiotic politicians and celebrities did not have to convince the masses about the realities of semiconductor technology, computers, internet, or smartphones. Okay, now let’s dive in to the quick debunking of the climate scam.

No Formula, Just Narratives

Science needs formulas. Else it’s just story-telling. The entire climate change narrative is built upon carbon dioxide (CO2) causing global warming. All the draconian efforts to control people and reshape the world are based on “CO2 emissions.” But here is how the house of cards can be brought down.

Ask these scientists for a formula that links CO2 to earth’s (or a region’s) temperature! Like Jerry Maguire’s Show me the Money, ask these climate cult people to Show me the Formula!

Simple, right? But they don’t have a formula! How can that be? They claim to know how much CO2 is in the atmosphere and even how much CO2 is emitted every year. Thus, they should be able to figure out how much heat the CO2 is absorbing. All the gas properties like specific heat capacity and absorption coefficient are well-known and were easily figured out in the 18th and 19th century!

Of course, these scientists can calculate how CO2 should warm the earth, but they won’t talk about it. Why?

For the simple reason that there is no relationship between CO2 and the temperature of earth or any region! Sometimes, higher CO2 means higher temperature and sometimes the temperature is flat and sometimes the temperature goes down! LOL

What’s the formula between CO2 and earth’s temperature? There is none!

Science should work across space and time. Simple as that. Science should work the same in the USA and China. Science should work the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

However, the CO2 story does not work that way. Sometimes nothing happens for 15 years even when the amount of CO2 goes up tremendously (global warming pause from 1998-2013); and sometimes the earth cools (2015-2022).

Look at the chart below that shows earth’s temperature from 1880 to about 1980. The CO2 emissions and concentration in atmosphere consistently increased. But the temperature cooled for decades and was basically flat for a century! There is no formula for this!

Once upon a time… like in the late 1980s, scientists agreed that there was no global warming in the U.S. for a century!

Here’s what the NY Times article from 1989 had to say: “After examining climate data extending back nearly 100 years, a team of Government scientists has concluded that there has been no significant change in average temperatures or rainfall in the United States over that entire period [1895 to 1987].”

All they have is circular reasoning:

  • Climate change is real because of the trend
  • The trend is real because of climate change

Ignoring Water Vapor and 80-90% of greenhouse gas effect

Scientists from NASA and elsewhere agree that 75% of greenhouse gas effect is due to water vapor!

But this is embarrassing and doesn’t fit the narrative to control the world. How can you demonize water? Thus, the globalists and their pay-for-play scientist have a fake claim about how CO2 increases water vapor in the atmosphere.

Really? Show me then the water vapor chart! How come you never see data and charts of water vapor every year???

Again, they don’t talk about it because the data will likely debunk their narrative.

If they have real science, they should have a formula that links CO2 and water vapor.

If they are smart enough to measure CO2 every day, measuring water vapor should be a piece of cake, right?

Where’s the chart for WATER VAPOR?

There are also lots of lies about how oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) have no heating effect. These gases, which make up 99% of the atmosphere, do have warming effect! These effects happen due to collisions and ionization.

However, they have to destroy science to sell dogma.

Models Cannot Predict Anything

“bUt wE hAvE mOdeLs.” This is the excuse of climate Scientologists. It’s no different from religious fundamentalists who claim that their religious book was written by God and thus cannot be questioned!

Okay, what can your models do? Can they predict anything tomorrow, next week, next month or next year? Nope! We just have to take its word for disastrous predictions 100 years from now! How convenient!

Okay, can your model go back in time and show us the climate/weather trends last year, ten years ago, 50 years ago? Nope!

These models are simplistic computer programs written by human beings. Climate models have dumb and averaged assumptions that have linear inputs and outputs. This is the opposite of how nature works — where we need fractals and chaos theory to even get close to reality.

Climate models cannot predict how many volcanoes, earthquakes and forest fires we will have every year; or how sun’s radiation will fluctuate; or how earth’s orbital movement will change; how hurricanes and ocean currents will behave; how plants, trees and plankton will grow, and so on.


The entire climate change hysteria is hoax. That’s why they need politicians, celebrities and teenage girls to sell this dangerous scam to the masses. Just like religions that used the concept of hell to scare people into submission, the globalists are using disaster porn to control people and nations.

Here is a German minister openly talking about how all the COVID restrictions can be redeployed in the name of climate crisis. These restrictions will include how much people can travel! Later, they will control what you can eat, what you can buy etc.

Either question the fake science or enjoy the slavery and servitude fueled by ideological madness.

— Chris Kanthan


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