India — America’s New Vassal State?

India has been invaded by foreigners for many centuries because of its location, rich culture, spices/food etc.  For more than 2000 years, India kept succumbing to the invaders because, unlike China, it didn’t have a strong kingdom that ruled the entire country. Then India became free in 1947. However, merely 70 years after freeing itself from the ruthless British Empire, India is experiencing a collective amnesia and is quickly ceding its sovereignty to foreign interests, America being the biggest one.

A country’s sovereignty depends on its ability to own and control its economy, corporations, banks, media, military, technology, agriculture, politics and its policies. In all those areas, foreign governments and corporations have gained excessive influence.

In the name of privatization and reform, India is selling all its assets in the form of corporate ownership. US influence in the media is very obvious, with CNN, CNBC and other American logos prevalent on Indian TV channels. Google and Facebook also censor and filter information, thus controlling what Indians read and watch. Control the media and the information, you control the people and the politics.

Also, rather than developing its own versions of Facebook, Google, smartphones etc., India took the quick way out by simply “borrowing” those tools. However, these software programs are also tools that spy on Indians and manipulate what Indians think by censoring and filtering news and information. These tools also create dependency, which will be used against India if it starts to disobey in the future. Suddenly, all those things people take for granted — Facebook, Google, Paypal, Amazon etc. — will stop working if the Indian government doesn’t bow to Washington DC. For life under US sanctions, talk to Syria, Iran, Russia etc.

(Updated 2019) Watch how the US is trying to kill Huawei. Just in one day, at the snap of a finger, all US corporations stopped supplying hardware and software to Huawei. The same thing will happen to India, if it doesn’t behave in the future. Already, the US is telling India to NOT buy S-400 missile defense systems from Russia; to NOT buy oil from Iran or Venezuela; to NOT let Huawei build 5G infrastructure in India.

Unlike India, China decided to create its own versions of internet/mobile apps and platforms. The result? 9 out of the Top 20 most valuable internet companies now are Chinese:


India’s economy also seems to be run by American experts. The gold confiscation attempt in India sounded an awful lot like what happened in the US in the 1930s. The currency experiment by Modi last year also sounds like an idea straight out of Wall Street. I haven’t done the research on the presence and influence of American puppet masters in India, but looking at the past American adventures in places like Chile and Russia, the similarity is striking.

It’s also beyond ridiculous that a developing nation like India has trade deficit every year. No, that’s only feasible for a country like the US that can print dollars. India can’t print US dollars — which is what India has to use to buy things from other countries — so it ends up selling its assets. From airlines to media to defense corporations to startups, India has been pawning its assets and future.

The banking crisis that’s unfolding now is a perfect excuse — and probably engineered by Wall Street or Harvard shysters — for privatizing India’s banks. Once Goldman Sachs and hedge funds take over the Indian banks, it’s a one-way ticket to serfdom.

As Wikileaks reported, the CIA now has access to all the National biometric ID database (Aaadhar) — fingerprints, eye scans etc. — of hundreds of millions of Indians. (More information on this here). Also, US manufacturer ES&S has admitted that it can remotely access electronic voting machines (EVM) used in voting in India. This means elections can be hacked and rigged to change the vote counts and pick the winners.

As for military and geopolitics, India is obviously becoming a pawn in American chessboard. India will be used for proxy wars against China. A smarter way would have been to join the Belt and Road, use China’s leverage over Pakistan to solve the Kashmir issue, and create regional prosperity and stability.

Look at all the people who fought proxy wars on behalf of the US — Cubans, Filipinos, Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis, Kurds, Libyans, Central Americans etc. All they got were destruction and death. At the end of the war, the US will simply walk away.

Indians are very smart, yet they lack strong institutions that can chart the course for long-term strategy.

For sustainable prosperity, develop your own software and other critical technology; demand that Indians have ownership of all media, major corporations and all banks; get rid of GMO; never, ever let a foreign military base in your country; keep Russia and China close for strategic balance; and create a trade surplus so that you can use the savings to buy assets in other countries. Don’t turn into a colony again.

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Author: Chris Kanthan  center  Please check out my book “Deconstructing the Syrian War