David Duke

7 Stages of Trumpophobia

Trump has had an amazing week. He is leading in many polls, both at the national and state polls. He is leading in many “blue” states that Obama won easily; and he is within striking distance at blue states.


The electoral map has changed dramatically in the last three weeks and even liberal media are writing articles about how Trump can win. Even DNC sent out an email crying “Trump is winning! Democrats should panic!”

This is shocking and something that the elites and the media never anticipated. From the beginning, the Establishment has underestimated Donald Trump and the mood of the country.

This is a good time to review the elites’ attitude towards Trump since he declared his candidacy 1.5 years ago. It’s almost a textbook case study in psychology! It can be classified in seven stages.

Mocking, Discounting, Worrying, Disrupting, Demonizing, Gaslighting and Viciously Attacking.

The eighth stage is Acceptance and it won’t quite happen until we are very close to the election for some and only after the election for many people.

Mocking: In the beginning, Trump was treated as a mere entertainment. After all, he was just a reality show celebrity with no experience in politics. Liberal media such as Huffington Post declared his candidacy to be over within two weeks of his announcement! Comedy shows on TV had a blast and everyone was making fun of the way Trump looked (his tan, his hair) and talked (his choice of words such as huge, best). But the problem was that he kept leading in the polls. Even after the first Republican debate, Trump lead Jeb Bush by 11 points!

Discounting: In the second stage, the elites told us and themselves that there was no way Trump could win the nomination. They gave us so many reasons – his unfavorable rating was the highest ever in the history of American politics, he had no real experience or knowledge or even a team of advisors and his campaign will eventually collapse, no doubt.

Worrying: By the end of August, the media started to worry. When he gave a speech in Alabama, an astonishing 30,000 people showed up to hear him speak! Now, Trump was seen as a real threat to the GOP Establishment. He consistently lead in the polls and won in all the debates even though the pundits would scream that he lost. This was turning out to be very scary!

Disrupting: Beginning in September, the elites started disrupting Trump’s rallies. Latino groups funded by George Soros started protesting outside his rallies, shouting “Dump the Trump.” Trump’s huge rally in Dallas (pic below) in early September was the first one to see massive protests.


When this failed to slow down Trump’s popularity, the elites started sending protesters inside Trump’s rallies. In late November, a Black Lives Matter sneaked into a Trump rally and got into a big fight with some of the attendees. This gave the desired weapon for the media: portraying Trump as a racist.

Demonizing: Since November, the media singularly focused on portraying Trump as a Nazi, the new Hitler, a KKK-embracing right-wing nut job and a racist. George Soros sent in one non-white after another to disrupt Trump’s speeches. A Muslim woman, an Indian guy and numerous black protesters were used as pawns. This smear campaign reached a fever pitch as Trump kept winning one primary after another. When Trump, in a rally, jokingly asked people to raise hands and swear they will vote in the upcoming primary, the media claimed that people raised their arms in a Nazi salute. So, along with Trump, his supporters were also demonized. Every day there were stories about violent/racist Trump supporters. Facts didn’t matter (such as Black Lives Matter or Bernie supporters going to Trump rallies and picking up fights. or illegal aliens rioting, beating up Trump supporters etc.). For about six months, the entire country was gripped in sheer mass psychosis!

Gaslighting: This word comes from a movie that refers to a psychological trick played to confuse a person and make them doubt reality. When all attacks on Trump failed, the narrative went back to how Trump couldn’t win the nomination or the Presidency. There were endless analysis that showed he could never get the required number of delegates, polls that showed he never gets over 50% support and so on. At every chance, the media proclaimed the death of Trump candidacy. Here are some samples of the gloom and doom predictions from the media.


Viciously Attacking: After all this, people kept supporting him and Trump won the nomination while defeating 16 opponents and gathering more than record 10 million votes in the primaries! Since then, the elites have been using a combination of all the above tactics along with sheer hatred. Anything he says or does can and will be exaggerated and misconstrued to make Trump look ignorant and clueless, deceptive and cunning, manipulative (yeah, contradictory to an idiot, for sure!), racist and sexist, impulsive and dangerous, a pawn of Putin and so on. Entire Hollywood and media have openly turned against Trump and attack him in a vicious manner that no other politician has endured. Of course, his supporters have been cast as “Deplorables.” The elites have been so paranoid and so shrill that they attacked Pepe – a cartoon frog that the media claims is a Nazi symbol – and made Hillary give a speech on “Alt Right.” This only made her look like an angry, out-of-touch, old lady.

But something funny has happened in the last month. Non-Trump supporters are starting to question the hyperbole. Trump’s support among Hispanics and African Americans is now reaching a level that would guarantee a loss for Hillary Clinton. His support among the millennials has also gone up 10% while Hillary has lost almost half of her young voters since August – although most of those are switching to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, it’s still good news for Trump. This is why Trump has a good chance of not just winning but doing so in a landslide.

Will the elites, oligarchs, billionaires and the media ever learn? Probably not! The debates will be the last chance to stop Trump. Expect every single corporate media outlet to declare Hillary Clinton to be the amazing winner. However the online polls will prove them wrong. Again.

This is the year of pitchforks and Trump is leading the charge! As his supporters say, “You can’t stump the Trump!” Come Nov 8th, the elites will enter the final stage of Trumpophobia – the stage of acceptance. Until then, we have to put up more of their temper tantrums.