Antifa – International, Violent, Communist Gang (Slideshow)

Antifa, supposedly anti-fascist, is a violent, international, communist organization that traces its roots back to Germany in the late 1920’s. It’s original goal was to replicate the USSR in Europe. Many of those leaders came from Europe to the U.S. during and after the World War II. However, since communism was a taboo in the U.S., these people simply claimed themselves to be anarchists.

They also introduced all the elements of communism under the guise of individual freedom and liberty. If you can’t attack the political system, start with the social/cultural norms. In the USSR, the communists blatantly banned Christianity. In the U.S., they seduced Americans away from Christianity through media, Hollywood, pop psychology and academia. Sexual revolution, abortion, consumerism, pornography, gay movement and transgender movement are all various stages of the same Cultural Communism.

Today, the communists are coming out of the closet. The Antifa group can now openly parade around the communist flag, burn the American flag, and raise a statue of Lenin (as they have done in Seattle). In Europe, Antifa has been a powerful group for over a decade now.

Here’s a slideshow of the various violent activities of Antifa (except for 3 or 4 pics, all of them are from the U.S.)

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Author: Chris Kanthan