July 4th

The Freedoms We have Lost

On this 4th of July, let’s take a moment to review some of the freedoms that Americans have come to lose over time.

Freedom of Speech: Thanks to political correctness, Americans have lost so much of this cherished freedom. One wrong opinion … your social media account gets suspended, you can be beaten up or you can even be fired from your jobs. Soon we’ll be like Europe, where you can get arrested for voicing the “wrong opinion.”

Freedom of Privacy: Most people are blasé about the government spying on all the phone calls, emails, text messages and all forms of communication, but this is a violation of a cherished American concept: privacy. Surveillance cameras everywhere spy on us; facial recognition software track people; CIA infects all our Wi-Fi routers with spying software; government tracks all your bank transactions and on and on.

Freedom of Action: So many laws and rules control our lives. You can’t enjoy a fun picnic for the Independence Day without feeling you live in an Orwellian world.


Freedom from Debt: Our nation and its people are drowning in debt, thanks to globalists, banksters, Wall Street shysters, and propagandists. Globalists ship jobs abroad, banksters devalue the dollar, Wall Street manipulates the entire stock market, and propagandists fuel consumerism and materialism and tell people “everything is okay.” By 2020, the top 1% of Americans will control 70% of the wealth. Welcome to Serfdom!

Freedom from Fake News and Ignorance: We have schools and colleges that mass-produce ignorant kids, and corporate media that indulges in fake news and endless tabloid to spread misinformation and disinformation.

Freedom from War: The military-industrial complex thrives on endless and perpetual wars. They destroy nations, kill millions of people, create tens of millions of refugees, and create chaos everywhere around the world.

Freedom of Health: Big Food destroys our health with GMO and toxic processed food, while their cousin, Big Pharma, focuses on creating lifelong customers by keeping people sick and dependent.

Freedom from Big Government: 45 million people on food stamps, 75 million people on Medicaid, and half the nation dependent on some government program. This is the current situation and it keeps getting only worse.

Freedom from Corruption: Handful of oligarchs control all the politicians through lobbyists, campaign contributions (bribes), Deep State and the media.

Americans fell asleep on the wheel and the country has gone way off the path that the Founders envisioned. Every form of liberty and freedom that are constitutional and common sense are under attack. We are on an unsustainable and disastrous path, but many are still oblivious. Wake up before it’s too late!