Is Ukraine the new Israel – the real homeland for Jews?

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Are the Jews of Israel ready to move to Ukraine because it’s their real homeland? Surprised? Well, first a little bit of history…

Most people assume that Jews from ancient Israel left the Middle East and went all over the world – the story of “diaspora.” But there are actually two main divisions of Jews – the Ashkenazi and the Sephardic. The Ashkenazi come from central European roots and the Sephardic are from the Middle East and the areas around.

And there have been many scientists who claim that these people really don’t have anything in common! But how could that be?

Well, the story goes that there was a kingdom of Khazar, around 8th century, where the emperor decided to convert to Judaism. And in those days, whatever the king did, the people had to do the same (similar to how Christianity became big after Constantine’s conversion). So, basically, the Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of Khazars. And oh yeah, where do you think the land of Khazar was? Right smack where modern Ukraine is!

Now, many Jews did not like this line of thinking since it worked against their right to return to the promised land of Israel. UNTIL NOW…!

There is an article in the Times of Israel from March 2014 that says, ” Yup, Jews are Khazars and there is a plan for reverse migration from Israel to Ukraine.” Another leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, had an article titled “When Ukraine was run by Jews,” talking about the Khazar connection as well.

So, who knows, maybe this is good news for the Palestinians and world peace? Fewer people in Israel means less contention over land etc?

Will that cause problems in Ukraine? Probably not. For one, when Jews moved into Israel, more than a million Arabs were literally driven out of their homes. That won’t happen in Ukraine which is a huge country (1.7 times larger than Germany!) with 45 million people. Even if 1 million Jews moved there, they will be less than 3% of the population. Thus, they won’t be a burden on the Ukrainian society.

Will there be anti-semitism? Probably not. Currently, Jews are less than 0.5% of the population, but they are well represented in the government, media and business. Heck, more than well, when you consider the fact that both the current President (billionaire Poroshenko) and the Prime Minister (millionaire banker Yatsenyuk) are Jews. Even the right wing Svoboda (Neo Nazi) party has condemned anti-semitism, and are focusing their Nazi anger towards pro-Russian groups.

So, it’s certainly very fascinating and we will see in the next year or so if the reverse diaspora is going to happen in a large-scale or not!