Marine Le Pen

What is Globalism?

Globalism should probably be the Word of the Year in 2016. Trump used it a lot and his supporters definitely do so as well. What does it really mean?

Globalism is sort of a derogatory term that comes from “globalization.” In it’s political vision, globalism is the path towards New World Order or One World or One Government.

In a nutshell, globalism is the opposite of nationalism. Globalism hates borders and is driven by neoliberal economics where corporations want the cheapest labor, be able to sell the final products wherever they want without tariffs, and buy other corporations all over the world.

As a social engineering tool, Globalism viciously goes after symbols such as national flags, national anthem and pride in national history. Hence you see the attack on flags in both the U.S. and Europe. For example, in Sweden, people are told that flying their own flag is racist because it will offend the migrants! In the U.S., liberals burned/abused the U.S. flag outside many Trump rallies. The kneeling stunt by Colin Kaepernick is also an example of propaganda and social engineering by globalists.


Globalism inherently works against the majority of people in wealthier nations. Bringing in many poor people into a rich country will only make that country poorer, not wealthier.

Globalism is also intertwined with Cultural Marxism and Multiculturalism. After all, if people are too attached to their culture and traditions, they won’t be willing to relocate or accept immigrants. Attachment to traditions also means resistance to corporate media, Hollywood culture etc. Interestingly enough, some of these aspects are only applied to the U.S. and Europe. You don’t see globalists forcing, say, Japan or Mexico, to accept refugees and migrants.

For the vision of EU to materialize, the elites need to overcome individual national identities. That is, they have to weaken the German identity, the French identity etc. The easiest way to do this is to flood EU countries with Muslims so that every EU country will have 20-30% Muslims and thus will be more identical to each other. Also, just as illegal immigrants, Latinos and blacks all tend to vote for the Democratic party, the new migrants in Europe will be voting for the globalist party.

If you wonder whether globalist plans for America is real, look no further than Hillary Clinton. In one of her paid speeches revealed by WikiLeaks, she told her donors (bankers) that her dream is a borderless hemisphere that is comprised of united North, Central and South Americas.


This is what NAFTA, WTO and TPP are all about. Will Trump, Brexit and other EU nationalist movements slow down or stop globalism? Only time will tell…

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