Muslim Ban

How Trump Can Quietly Implement the Travel Ban

Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban has caused a big uproar, with the clash now being fought in Federal courts. However, there are many other ways in which Trump can execute the same ban for those seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen – without a Constitutional battle. Here is how:

1. Change the refugee quotas for all countries as well as for individual countries. These are arbitrary numbers decided upon by bureaucrats. For example, in FY 2015, the U.S. allowed ~2000 refugees from Syria and, then in FY 2016, it allowed ~12,000. Trump can simply reduce it to 1000 or 100 or 10 for each one of those 7 countries in the banned list. (In FY 2014, Obama allowed only 250 Syrian refugees)

2. Make the vetting process more demanding and detailed. This means more time to process each asylum seeker. Demand more interviews, more monitoring and more background checks. With a wink and a nod, get people in U.S. agencies to reject most applications from those seven countries.

3. Shut down Embassies and/or reduce the operational days/hours. Use security reasons to permanently or temporarily shut down embassies and other places where people request asylum. Rather than the embassies being open 5 days a week, change it to only two days a week. Or change the rules so that the applications for refugees will be accepted only on Fridays from 8am-9am. You get the idea.

4. Cut the staff. If there are 100 people in U.S. agencies working on processing the refugee applications for those 7 countries, reduce the staff to 50. The number of applicants approved will automatically decrease.

5. Reduce the welfare benefits for refugees. Currently, refugees can get up to 9 years of full-service welfare benefits – housing, food, cash, healthcare etc. Change it to, say, 1 year. Enact new laws/rules that demand that every local community/state that accepts a refugee must match the refugee with a job within a year. This will stop many refugees from applying for the U.S. since there are places in Europe which offer eternal welfare.

6. Give preference to married couples with kids, people with good education, those who can speak English, and those who have enough money to support themselves.

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