Understanding the Gaza Protests and Life Under Israeli Occupation

One should ask, “Why are Palestinians protesting?” before cheering for their death in Gaza. Blaming Hamas is a talking point that hides many facts and realities. In the last two days, 65 Palestinians have been shot to death and 2000+ have been shot and wounded — including 200 doctors and nurses and a couple of journalists — by Israeli snipers. Number of Israelis injured: ZERO!

The general narrative of Israel’s propaganda is: “We shoot only Hamas terrorists who are rushing our fence to kill us all. Our action is self defense!” Watch this video below where Israeli snipers shoot first an old man who’s waving a flag and then a doctor who rushed to assist that victim.” This is an international crime.

Let’s face the hypocrisy. If a similar situation had occurred in Iran, the US government and the media would cry crocodile tears and turn it into a spectacle. When 20-30 violent protesters were killed in Libya (after the mob burned down government buildings and killed police), the US and EU passed UN resolutions to *bomb* Libya. In Syria, as soon as some Al Qaeda protesters died, Obama said, “Assad must go!” and imposed sanctions. In Ukraine, when the violent Neo-Nazis attacked the police, US/EU firmly told the Ukrainian president that he shouldn’t retaliate!

Ukraine Euromaidan Violence 4

Ukraine, Euromaidan – Cops on Fire; Violent Neo-Nazis

But, in Palestine, protesters’ lives have no value!

Most Americans don’t understand how every day life of an average Palestinian is constantly and violently disrupted by Israel.

Palestinians are forced to live in two areasWest Bank & Gaza. It’s almost impossible to go from one to another. Israelis control the borders.

Gaza is the largest open prison in the world. It’s surrounded by giant fences walls. Conservatives (who are cheering the genocide of Palestinians) want the Second Amendment to protect themselves from a tyrannical government who may put them in a FEMA camp … which is ironically what Gaza is!

Life in the West Bank is miserable because the Israeli military are right there every day and everywhere. Every day, Palestinian children and adults have to go through all kinds of checkpoints and searches and harassment.

Palestinians are literally under a military occupation. There are hundreds of Israeli-controlled checkpoints in Palestine. Every checkpoint may take an hour or more to go through. Imagine going to work or college and spending 2-3 hours every day in fu*king checkpoints! Here are some photos of actual checkpoints and a map of Israeli checkpoints *within* Palestine.

There’s no #1A, #2A, #4A, #5A (refers to the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution) for Palestinians under Israeli occupation. It’s a totalitarian nightmare.

Jewish military can and do barge into homes at the middle of the night, wake up people, harass, arrest, overturn furniture and literally do whatever they want:

IDF – Israeli “Defense” Forces – are very brave guys who harass Palestinian women and children on a daily basis.

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So, when people talk about Israeli occupation, they’re not being metaphorical

Israeli settlers are a strange mix of ghetto, low-class Jews and religious fanaticism. These lunatics not only steal lands but also harass, attack Palestinians.

Settlers are rarely prosecuted for their crimes. Nikki Haley thinks that people throwing stones should be slaughtered on the spot. Here are Jewish settlers throwing stones at Palestinians, while Israeli soldiers stand right next to the settlers:

settler 3

While Evangelical Christians in the US blindly support Israel, here’s an example of what the Jewish people really think about Christians and Christianity:

“You and your fu*king Jesus can kiss my ass”
“We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it”
“We will kill you (Christians) and the Palestinians”

In the Warsaw ghetto during WWII, some Jews armed themselves to fight their oppressors. Applying the “Gaza Rule,” these Jews are terrorists and should have been rightfully slaughtered by the Nazis. Is that what Nikki Haley & other pro-Israel shills are saying?

Warsaw Ghetto

So many people ask, “Why do Palestinians throw rocks?” Well, why does this kid throw a rock at a tank?


Logically it makes no sense, but it shows how much frustration and hopelessness Palestinians suffer from. Palestinians throwing stones is mostly symbolic and probably therapeutic, from a psychological perspective.

Look at this guy who lost both his legs during Israeli bombing of Gaza in 2008. In May 2018, he was shot to death by Israeli snipers. His name was Fadi Abu Saleh. He knew he couldn’t hurt a single Israeli with his sling, but he had to fight somehow.

Gaza Killed Fadi Abu Saleh

The protesters are far away — perhaps 200-300m — from the Israeli soldiers, and are just throwing stuff in a barren land. Look at the pictures from Gaza when the protesters were shot to death. There are no Israelis or even any Israeli buildings or roads as far as the eyes can see:

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So, Israel puts Palestinians in an open prison;

controls all the resources of the people inside

deprives them of basic liberty and freedom

bombs them once in a while, even using chemical weapons like White Phosphorus

— and then shoots them to death if they protest near the fence.  That’s

Finally, here’s a picture of disappearing Palestine since the 1940’s. It’s basically a slow-motion genocide and ethnic cleansing


Israel doesn’t want peace. Because, if you have peace and defined borders, Israel has to stop expanding. So the only Machiavellian solution is to keep the fight going on. Do you see? If you have an enemy, you can keep killing them and stealing from them. And that will be totally justified. And thus the tragedy goes on …

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