Time to Stop All Trump-Russia Conspiracies

Blaming Russia is a clever strategy for Democrats to stop the public discussion of the actual contents of Wikileaks emails, disrupt Trump’s policy agenda, and put his team on the defensive. However, it’s time to move forward. Here is a short post to quickly debunk the main Russia conspiracies still swirling around the election and Trump.

1. There has been ZERO evidence shown to the public about Russia’s hacking the election. The term itself is very vague and silly.

2. If the allegation is about Russia hacking emails – those of DNC and John Podesta – it is still bogus.

The detailed final report from the intelligence agencies in January doesn’t even mention Podesta’s emails — NOT ONCE!!! Podesta fell for a simple Phishing scam (“click here to reset your password“). Nobody knows who did it.

As for DNC, the Intel agencies claim that Russia had access to DNC’s network from July 2015 to June 2016. Really? We spend 100s of billions of dollars on CIA and NSA, and they couldn’t see Russia hacking DNC for one whole year?? Moreover, even after Wikileaks came out with DNC emails, the FBI/CIA/NSA didn’t even bother inspecting DNC’s computers.  It’s like cops not visiting the scene of a mass murder. Give me a break!!

DNC emails were leaked by an insider. The most likely person was Seth Rich – a DNC staffer – who was murdered two weeks before Wikileaks released the emails.

Technical wizards such as NAS’s architect, William Binney, and the founder of anti-virus software McAfee, John McAfee, have debunked the Russian connection to DNC hacking (links here and here).

3. All the allegations in the reports are made with an asterisk that says “made with high confidence” which the same documents define as “might be wrong.” Really. How can you have high confidence if you might be wrong? Such Orwellian doublespeak.


If CNN accuses someone of a murder using similar logic, CNN will get sued. (You can read my other blog post for more elaborate debunking of this January intelligence report on Russian hacking).

Next, let’s move on to Trump-Russia conspiracy.

4. Attacking Trump for being “soft on Putin” or having “bromance with Putin” was always the strategy of Hillary Clinton’s team (revealed ironically by Wikileaks emails). After the Podesta emails, the Democrats and the intelligence agencies just went nuts. They kept coming with different logic and excuses: Trump has a secret relationship with Putin (the debunked Trump Server talking to Russian banks) or Putin is blackmailing Trump (the insane “golden shower” dossier).

When all those failed, the media and the Deep State resorted to innuendosTrump’s team is talking to Russian agents.

Where is the evidence??? Show us transcripts of shocking conversations! Show us emails! Let us hear some recorded chats of treasonous plans! Show us grainy videos of secret meetings! Reveal bank transfers of bribes! Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions were doing their jobs – engage Russia and find common grounds to end the hostility.

Yes, Trump has a new approach to Russia that doesn’t include confrontation and World War III. Yes, Trump is actually working with Putin in eradicating ISIS (since Trump’s inauguration, ISIS has lost strategic cities such as Al Bab and Palmyra; has lost hundreds of smaller towns; and is about to be defeated in its capitals in Syria and Iraq – Raqqa and Mosul respectively).

So it’s time for America to put this nonsense behind and move on to solving actual problems facing the nation.

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