Presidential Election

The Truth About How Hillary Got Trumped

Many Americans and people around the world are shocked and stunned by Donald Trump’s victory. People are going through the classic stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining (“can we turn over the electoral system?”) and Depression. Not many have the reached the final stage of Acceptance. Peaceful and violent protests have been erupting all over America. This is the reaction of people who never saw it coming. Why? The mainstream media never told them the truth: Trump’s populist message had a real appeal and Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed, Establishment candidate. As Trump himself warned many times, it was Brexit++.

Rigged Polls Created a False Certainty

Almost every major poll showed Clinton winning, often by landslide margins. In the month before the election, 70 polls On showed Clinton leading, while only 2 showed Trump ahead.

Some polls, such as ABC/Washington Post, Reuters and Monmouth had preposterous claims. For example, the ABC poll from Oct 25 had Clinton winning by 6 points; and she was also winning college-educated white women by whopping 33 points (63-30)! Whoa, college-educated white women love Hillary Clinton! Well, on election day, Hillary won the same demographic by merely 6 points.

Similarly, a YouGov/Economist poll, on the day before the election, showed Trump winning men by only 5 points. Reality? Trump won men by 12 points.

Huffington Post claimed on Nov 7 that the probability for a Clinton win was 98%!

These were not innocent mistakes. These polls were deliberately rigged by using samples loaded with Democrats, women, minorities and other demographics that are more likely to support Hillary. The YouGov poll, for instance, had 41% Democrats and 27% Republicans, giving Hillary an automatic advantage of 14 points. On election day, the breakdown was 37% Democrats -33% Republicans. So they over-sampled Democrats by 4 points and under-sampled Republicans by 6 points. Of course, Clinton will look fabulous in such a poll.

Similarly, a Reuters poll used a sample with 60% women, when in reality, only 52% of the voters were women.

There were also many articles and pseudo-polls that raised the hopes of Clinton supporters by talking about flipping the traditionally red states of Georgia, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

Such rigged polling is an example of “manufactured consent.” Polls are very powerful in influencing public opinion. People want to be on the winning or popular side of an issue, so by constantly saying X is a popular person/product/view, the elites can change the attitude. It’s propaganda 101.

There was one poll that Trump fans loved – the LA Times/USC poll. This one showed Trump leading most of the time. The mainstream media attacked the poll viciously, and eventually Real Clear Politics dropped that poll from their website. Never mind that the same poll was the most accurate predictor in the 2012 election as well.

Other rigged polls … (Continue reading my article at Nation of Change)