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Rebuttal to NY Times Hit Piece on Trump

Rebuttal NY Times


Two of the women prominently featured in the New York Times have already come out and called out the lies in this hit-piece job.

Trump’s ex-girlfriend – model Rowanne Brewer – came out on May 16 and said that the New York Times reporters (Megan Twohey and Michael Barbaro) distorted her statements about Trump and her experience at the pool party. She said -as this post pointed out – that there was nothing inappropriate about Trump’s behavior at the pool party. She added that “Trump is a generous, kind person who was always a gentleman.” As for what she thought about the article, she said, “They deceived me and lied about what I said. Shame on New York Times!” Watch her interview with Inside Edition below:

Next, Carrie Prejean – Miss California, USAhad this to say on May 17: “I basically wouldn’t give them [the writers from NY Times] a story and so they came out with their own version of it,” she said. “They took something out of my book and totally twisted it and made it something negative.”

Finally, one of the writers, Michael Barbaro, turns out to be a flaming liberal who writes exaggerated hit pieces on Republicans. Last year, this writer wrote a front-page article attacking Marco Rubio, the Republican candidate. Turns out that the entire piece was bizarre that made a big deal of four parking tickets in 17 years and called an $80,000 fishing boat purchase into a splurge on luxury boats! Even John Stewart of The Daily Show made fun of this article.

Bottom line: The New York Times story and the reputation of the failing newspaper are rapidly falling apart. As Trump would say at the end of his tweets, “Sad!”


The New York Times Article titled: “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private”

Article about Miss Utah, Temple Taggart, being sooo happy to have met Donald Trump.

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