Did Hillary Clinton Murder Vince Foster and Ron Brown?

Did Hillary Clinton murder Vince Foster and Ron Brown? Such are the claims in private emails of intelligence officials at Stratfor – a “private CIA” for global corporations. Ron Brown was the African American U.S. Secretary of Commerce during Bill Clinton administration. Everyone knows about Vince Foster, the White House lawyer and a long-time friend of the Clintons.  Here is the WikiLeaks link of the Stratfor email. A picture of the conversation is presented later in this post.
Vince Foster’s death was ruled as a suicide. There were lots of rumors for many years, but they were dismissed as conspiracy theories. But check this out! Just a few days ago, the online FBI documents on Vince Foster’s death were brought to attention by the social media. What a coincidence! They had some very disturbing and suspicious facts:
* The bullets that killed Vince Foster were never found! How does that happen in a suicide?
* He supposedly put the gun in his mouth and shot himself. But there were no gun powder marks inside his mouth
* His fingerprints were never found on the gun. However some other unidentified finger prints were on the gun!
(The FBI documents are at the bottom of this post)
As for Ron Brown, he supposedly died in a plane crash in 1996 in Croatia. There were many rumors for a long time, but nothing concrete.
That said, here is the email conversation from Stratfor. Remember that the people who were writing these emails didn’t know that it will be revealed to the public, so we can assume they were sincere. Also, multiple people are involved and they are highly connected people in the intelligence community. There is a link to a YouTube video in the email, but the privacy is set to private, so we can’t view it. Too bad!
And here some of the public FBI docs about Vince Foster. Although they were available for a long time, social media just rediscovered it a couple of days ago.
So, if you are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, think again!