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Two Reasons to End the Pandemic

While Pfizer and some politicians may not be happy, here are two reasons why the pandemic is over and why it’s time to go back to the “old normal.” The two reasons are based on a fascinating modeling tool run by CDC, Stanford University and others. It’s called “CovidEstim.” Here are two amazing facts from this site:

  1. 4 out of 5 Americans have been infected with COVID so far. That is, 80% of Americans now have natural immunity. And as CDC’s own study showed, natural immunity is 3-5x better than vaccines in preventing hospitalization and death.
  2. The R0 — the reproduction factor — of the SARS-Cov-2 virus is now well below 1. That means the virus is dying out rapidly.

Here are some charts. First, a sample for the percentage of infected people in some large states:

80% of Americans have natural immunity now

And here is the R0 chart:

Check out Covidestim for more charts and data.

We have herd immunity for a disease whose case fatality rate is 0.3%. And the new variant of the virus has lost its mojo.

(Here is the math: 80% of Americans = 264 million people. Thus, the case mortality or fatality rate (CFR) = 850,000/264,000,000 = 0.003).

It’s time to end all the draconian laws — vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports, travel bans etc. Whether it’s done over a month or two is up to policymakers and scientists, but the process must start now.

-Chris Kanthan