Crazy Trump – Reaction to Political Correctness

Donald Trump talks crazy and is wildly popular among many Republicans, while driving Democrats absolutely nuts. Every day, Democrats find a new Trumpism that is extraordinarily shocking and revolting. But they are missing two points:

  1. Trump understands marketing and is using sensationalism to keep himself in the news every day, not unlike the Kardashians.
  2. The real reason behind his popularity is that many people are sick of political correctness that forces people to say they are taking a mud bath while standing in a pile of shit. Thus the reaction is to go to the other extreme.

The real solution is open communication and free speech that are not chained to Idiocracy by excessive political correctness. This will actually help Americans compromise, see each others’ points of view and resolve issues.

But, wait! That will be a bad thing for the 1% who would rather see 49% of Americans keep fighting with and hating the other 49%.

P.S. For those who haven’t seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire, that boy in the picture is covered with shit.

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