Wikileaks Wisdom: Hillary Clinton is 100% Scripted and Everything is Political

Two most interesting and revealing facts from Wikileaks – “Podesta Emails” – are that A. Hillary Clinton is incredibly controlled, coached and scripted by her staff, and B. Every decision in Hillary’s campaign seems to be made purely from political perspectives that embrace deception without any qualms.

Scripted: The level to which Hillary Clinton’s staff controls her communication to the public is mind boggling. For example, when a politician gives a speech, most people react as if the words really came from that politician, even if people realize at an intellectual level that there were many professional speechwriters behind those words. However, in Hillary’s case, the scripting by the staff is beyond what most people realize.

Example #1 – Hillary’s tweets. To start with, Hillary’s Twitter profile makes it clear that only those tweets that are signed with “-H” are directly from Hillary Clinton, and the rest are from her internet team.


That’s fine. Except for Donald Trump, that’s probably true for most politicians.

However, what Wikileaks shows is that there are a whole bunch of people (Clinton staff) behind even those tweets that are signed “-H”. They may practically have no input from Hilary at all. For example, when Senator Marco Rubio tweeted something negative about Hillary’s foreign policy, it took 11 senior campaign members from Hillary’s campaign to come up with the right response. Oh, and they took almost 8 hours to come up with that perfect tweet! The discussion went all the way to the top – to John Podesta, the campaign chairman! (BTW, the new Wikileaks emails are all from his email account and hence the name “Podesta Emails”)


And the most interesting aspect? Hillary Clinton was never involved in this discussion! So the final tweet that was signed with “-H” was not even really from her!

Example #2: Similarly, there is another scenario in which a whole bunch of campaign officials debate the best way to address the $15/hour minimum wage. Again, 14 staff members were involved in numerous email exchanges and it took them almost 16 hours to come up with a  perfect answer. Again, Hillary Clinton was not involved at all in the discussions, but the tweet was signed “-H”!

Another aspect of this email exchange is that nobody talked about the “truth.” The entire conversation was how NOT to say that Hillary supported $15/hour and to do it WITHOUT angering the Labor Union. Pure politics and manipulation.


Example #3: This was a phone interview with Chris Hayes from MSNBC. It is shocking that Hillary’s staff knew what question would be asked. Then the staff wrote the answer and , as you can see in the video below, Hillary Clinton simply read the script! For the TV audience, she sounds so smart and experienced, but this whole event was entirely rigged and scripted!

Example #4: Hillary Clinton’s preparation for debates with Bernie Sanders shows how her staff writes her possible questions as well as the answers for them. What is astonishing here is that the staff doesn’t simply write down the points. Rather, they write entire responses in the exact manner Hillary would/should talk. Even colloquial words and phrases such as “You know” and “Well.” Here is a screenshot from the document:


Example #5: Hillary Clinton appeared on a daytime TV show – Steve Harvey. Wikileaks email shows that EVERYTHING was scripted – what questions would be asked by Steve Harvey, what questions would be asked by the guests, what pictures/videos would Harvey bring up, what jokes would be told and so on. It’s pretty disappointing that even a friendly and non-threatening public appearance like this would be so scripted.

Example #6: Donna Brazile, who was supposedly neutral during the Democratic primaries, worked for CNN as an analyst. She used her CNN connections to sneakily get questions that would be asked in the upcoming debates and town halls. She then passed them on to Clinton’s staff who then wrote down clever answers which Hillary memorized and repeated them. BTW, Donna Brazile just got fired from CNN after Wikileaks revealed the second email showing the collusion.

Conclusion: Everything we hear from Hillary – interviews, debate responses, speeches – are completely scripted and they are the words of her campaign staff. So who is the real Hillary? Only those close to her might have an idea.

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