White Helmets Exposed in Pics and Videos

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Yes, the documentary about White Helmets won the Oscars, but that just goes to show how the Western media is nothing but endless, unethical propaganda. White Helmets are supposed to be neutral, unarmed, not funded by any governments and voluntary-based. Every one of those claims is a lie. Here are some quick pictures and videos that expose the White Helmets as Al Qaeda operatives in uniforms. They are also funded by US/UK and other governments to the tune of more than $100 million!

*1 White Helmets helping an execution

Murder 1 Rev

Here’s another case of White Helmets participating in an execution by ISIS/Al Qaeda. The video is grainy, but you can see the uniform and the white hats:

*2 White Helmets faking rescues


*3 Collage of various White Helmets guys also featured as Al Qaeda rebels (many pics taken from their social media accounts)




(Left) Manager of White Helmets on BBC; (Right) With his Al-Qaeda group





*4 White Helmets being thanked and honored by Al Qaeda groups in Syria (In Syria, Al Qaeda is known as Al Nusra or HTS – Hayat Tahrir al-Sham). Also, Muhaysni is the Saudi “spiritual leader” of Al Qaeda in Syria.

AQ 1

*5 White Helmets with guns. Remember they’re supposed to be unarmed, innocent civilian volunteers

*6 Testimonies from Aleppo civilians: “White Helmets (Civil Defense) were Al Qaeda groups and the hospitals were to help the militants.” Watch the video here.

Testimonies 1-2

*7 White Helmets driving off with bodies of murdered Syrian military soldiers and mockingly/cheerfully showing the “V” sign, which is a sign of the Syrian military. (Al Qaeda shows the 1 fore-finger, meaning there is only one God, Allah.)

Murder 2

*8 White Helmets brandishing beards and 1-finger salute (both clues of jihadist affiliation)

1 finger

*9 Here is a quick 4-min video that summarizes the White Helmets hoax

*10 Check out this amazing site: Clarity of Signal and this particular page that lists more than dozen videos that expose the terrorist propaganda that is called “White Helmets.”

Author: Chris Kanthan

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