Here’s why you must learn about the Syrian war

The Syrian war seems almost over and the narrative has always been quite simple — bad dictator versus freedom-loving people. So what’s there to learn and why would anyone care?

Well, the war has affected America and Europe in many significant ways — millions of refugees and the rise of ISIS, to start with. And many of the terrorist attacks in recent years inside Europe are directly linked to the war in Syria. Why? Because the West funded/armed/trained extremists and terrorists to bring down Assad. Rather than admitting that these terrorist attacks are blow backs, the elites tell the public to get used to terrorism.

Second, the mainstream narrative about the war is a complete lie. It wasn’t a civil war … it was a proxy war waged on Syria by a whole bunch of nations and terrorist groups. It also involved the largest CIA operation in the US history. So, the details of how the proxy war was carried about is immensely fascinating.

Third, this war is really tragic — a stable nation was destroyed, and a secular nation was torn apart by sectarian hatred. It also provides great insights into Islam, Sunni-Shiite tensions, extremist ideologies such as Salafism and Wahhabism, and Islamic terrorism (jihadism).

Fourth, this seemingly insignificant war has turned many geopolitical alliances upside down. In fact, this war might be seen as the “Waterloo for globalists” and as the seminal event that marked the beginning of a multi-polar world.

Finally, this war provides amazing lessons about the world — how the corporate media has embraced yellow journalism, why wars are manufactured, how Islamic terrorists continue to be the preferred mercenaries in conflicts around the world, and what will be the imminent wars around the world.

If you are curious now, check out the mini version of my book on the Syrian war: “Syria — War of Deception”. (It’s only $1.99 and available on Amazon).

The uncut version is longer and has more than 500 links to articles, photos and videos. That’s available on Smashwords.

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