Pfizer is the New Monsanto

Few decades ago, the great minds in Monsanto and other power circles came up with a great idea — “Let’s genetically modify all the food crops. Then we control the food supply and rule the entire world!” The new Monsanto of the world is Pfizer, which is also following some of the same strategies of the GMO people. Hopefully, the mRNA vaccines will fail spectacularly like the GMOs.

Monsanto Recap

Monsanto was the company behind deadly and dangerous chemicals like DDT and Agent Orange (used in Vietnam War). Then they started combining their expertise in toxic chemicals with genetic engineering. This created GMO, which was essentially introducing a bacteria’s gene into normal plants to make them tolerant to herbicide. What was the supposed advantage?

Farmers can now have dense farms, with plants growing close to one another. And the farmer doesn’t have to manually remove weeds; he can just spray Monsanto’s Roundup, just like American soldiers did in Vietnam.

US military spraying Agent Orange; And Vietnamese children still born with birth defects

Not surprisingly, Monsanto’s “solution” created a myriad of problems:

First, the farmers are now at the mercy of Monsanto for both seeds and the herbicide. Thus, Monsanto can now engage in price gouging. Next, the weeds started becoming resistant to Roundup. Now, the farmers had to buy pesticides that were increasingly toxic. Of course, these toxic chemicals have caused serious health problems for farmers and their families all over the world — from kidney problems to cancer.

Next, all these pesticides cause enormous environmental destruction — killing everything from bees to beneficial soil microbiome. The pesticides also found their ways into rivers and lakes, killing fish, frogs etc.

Finally, the excessive use of pesticides in the farms found their way into the plants and into the products in grocery stores. GMO soy and corn made sugar, fat and protein cheap for food manufacturers. And almost every processed food — that is not organic — will have high fructose corn syrup as “added sugar.” That is just GMO corn turned into sugar. No wonder that most Americans have detectable amount of pesticides in their urine and blood.

The GMOs and their pesticides wreak havoc on your gut microbiome. And this may be linked to so many health issues from intestinal bowel disorders and allergies to autism.

Monsanto had a big vision: Genetically modify all the vital crops like rice, potato, tomato etc. Fortunately for the world, most of their products failed. GMO tomato and potato were big flops. GMO rice and GMO eggplant also failed, although the corporate overlords are bribing some developing nations to use them in small scale.

Pfizer is Copying Monsanto

Monsanto couldn’t get its GMO approved by the FDA for a long time. So, what was the solution? Hire people from the FDA, EPA, and other government agencies and then send them back to those agencies after a few years. Michael Taylor is a perfect example of this revolving door. He was a at the FDA, a lobbyist, FDA commissioner, Monsanto VP, and then back to the FDA. With his inside job, GMOs hit U.S. grocery stores in 1994. Monsanto also spent a lot of money on lobbying, political campaigns of senators and presidential candidates, and sponsored even a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas. It all paid off.

Regulatory Capture by Monsanto. Venn Diagram of corporate-government collusion

Pfizer has been copying Monsanto’s strategies. Former FDA chief, Scott Gottlieb, now sits on Pfizer’s board of directors. To make sure that the media never speaks ill of the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer also has Reuters’ Chairman on the board. Pfizer also sponsors a lot of popular news programs on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and other channels.

Brought to you by Pfizer. Or, “Bought” by Pfizer

Another crucial area of corruption is the practice of clinical trials. Monsanto did a quick 3-month trial on mice and claimed that GMOs were safe. When a French scientist, Seralini, fed GMO’s to the mice for longer time, the mice developed huge tumors. (He was quickly fired by a new editor, who had close ties to Monsanto. The article was also retracted).

Similarly, Pfizer did a quick, rigged trial for 2 months and claimed that it’s vaccine is amazing in preventing infection, hospitalization, and death.

Pfizer has also learned a lot from Monsanto’s downfall. While Monsanto was attacked a lot on social media, Pfizer has bought full cooperation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These social media giants have banned numerous people and ideas regarding vaccines, Big Pharma’s corruption, COVID treatments (like Ivermectin) etc.

Pfizer-Monsanto Extensive Links

Incredibly, Pfizer also has an extensive history of partnering with Monsanto. These two giants partnered to develop the popular, anti-inflammatory painkiller known as Celebrex. Few years later, Monsanto bought a research center from Pfizer. Also, some divisions of Monsanto merged with a Swedish-American company called Pharmacia-UpJohn, which was later bought by Pfizer. It’s like mergers and acquisitions of the Mafia.

Pfizer’s Criminal History

Here’s a post on Pfizer’s long record of criminal history — from falsifying and hiding clinical trial data, bribing doctors and government officials, making false marketing claims, pushing drugs for unapproved uses without scientific evidence, and much more.

From Genetically Modifying Plants to People

But Pfizer’s goals are even bigger. The mRNA vaccines are basically meddling with human genes. (See video in my other blog where Bayer executive admits that mRNA technology is cell/gene therapy).

There is no independent analysis of what the vaccines are doing inside us, and we definitely have no idea about long-term effects. The vaccines also have more than 280 ingredients, which Pfizer refuses to disclose. And Pfizer and FDA don’t want to release the trial and post-trial data for another 55 or 75 years. How convenient that almost everyone who got the vaccines will be dead by then.

Pfizer has actually surpassed Monsanto now. Just like the military-industrial complex took advantage of 9/11 and made huge profits from mindless wars, Pfizer has embraced the shock-and-awe of the pandemic to force vaccines on billions of people.

Conclusion: mRNA will fail like GMO

The arrogance of modern medicine is reductionism — treating our human like a machine. Scientists have been shockingly wrong about our genes. Actually, they don;t even know the exact number of genes, with numbers varying from 20,000 to 30,000. A couple of decades ago, they thought there were 100,000 genes.

Then the great scientists asserted for a long time that 99% of our genes were “junk DNA.” Because, if the genes didn’t make proteins, they were useless in the eyes of the scientists. Sheer arrogance and stupidity. Now, the scientists are slowly coming to the realization that the so-called “junk DNA” play vital roles.

GMO failed for the most part. And the huge movement for organic food also dealt a blow to the evil dreams of Monsanto and its companions. Similarly, I believe that the mRNA vaccines will fail. Our body is very complex, especially at the DNA/gene-level.

All the side effects of the vaccines have not been fully acknowledged yet. According to CDC’s VAERS database, so far, 6000 people have died within 2 days of covid vaccines.

The vaccine-induced deaths includes people like Carlos Tejada, a New York Times writer, who died a few hours after getting Moderna’s booster shot.

There have been 700,000 adverse reactions reported so far — in just one year of covid vaccines. And look at all the side effects.

Side Effects of covid vaccines. (Open VAERS)

Of course, nobody can sue Pfizer or Moderna for these But within a year or two, I think there will be a huge backlash. Especially, if 10-20% of the population stays unvaccinated. Then we can do a clear analysis, comparing the health of the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. Hopefully, the revelation will also make people appreciate our natural immune system (see my blog on natural immunity).

Pfizer’s extraordinary hubris and greed will lead to its downfall. It’s just a matter of time.

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