Worst. Vaccines. Ever.

No vaccine has ever failed like the COVID vaccines. Not even close. Think about the vaccines for smallpox, polio, measles etc. The mRNA covid vaccines were touted as the ultimate and only solution to end the draconian laws and policies that have crushed the global economy and imposed severe restrictions on basic human rights. However, these COVID-19 vaccines have failed to perform the basic functions of a vaccine — like preventing infections, transmission, hospitalization, and death.

The 4th jab is not working, but that doesn’t seem to change the governments’ approaches.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have been shafted by Big Pharma. Pfizer and Moderna would be getting sued into bankruptcy in a normal world.

If the vaccines worked as they should have, the pandemic would have been over by June 2021. Once you vaccinate half the population, herd immunity is achieved for most viruses. (Here’s the math for the relationship between R0 and herd immunity).

Shockingly, the vaccines are now starting to have zero or even negative efficacy. That is, vaccinated people are MORE likely to get infected, more likely to be hospitalized, and more likely to die from COVID than the unvaccinated.

The data for new cases from Ontario, Canada, clearly shows the flip in December when the fully vaccinated started surpassing the unvaccinated.

The recent data from the UK sheds light on this turn of events. Vaccine efficacy goes to ZERO percent in six months. Basically, people who got the two doses six months ago have no protection and are now in the same boat as the unvaccinated. And worse, as seen later.

A Danish study found that the vaccines start having negative efficiency after three months. Those who got Pfizer vaccines were 75% more likely to get infected than the unvaccinated. Imagine if this happened to any other drug. For example, if a painkiller increases the pain or an anti-hypertension drug increases blood pressure. It would be taken off the market swiftly.

Negative effectiveness of Pfizer/Moderna vaccines. Denmark study

How about this Scotland data below? The vaccinated are getting hospitalized and dying at a HIGHER RATE than the unvaccinated. It’s as if the vaccines are destroying the immune system and making people more vulnerable. About 80% of the hospitalizations and deaths are due to the vaccinated.

The same data also has age-adjusted hospitalization rates, which go up for each dose of the vaccine. Total disaster.

More vaccines = More hospitalization

Broken Promises

Remember all the promises one year ago?

  • 95-100% effective in preventing infection!
  • 100% effective in preventing transmission!
  • 100% effective in preventing hospitalization!
  • 100% effective in preventing deaths!

I will add the video again from a previous blog post:

Vaccine Promises

Lame Excuses

The media and all the Pharma trolls are coming up with all kinds of spin and lame excuses to defend the failure of the vaccines. Here are the evolving (collapsing) narrative:

  • You may get infected but you won’t transmit the virus to others
  • Well, you will transmit the virus but you won’t get sick
  • You will get sick but it won’t be bad
  • You may get hospitalized, but you won’t die. Thank God!
  • You may die, but the chances are smaller than if you were unvaccinated
  • You won’t have any side-effects. Well, don’t worry about that myocarditis, blood clots, boobs getting bigger, or your menstrual cycle going crazy. They are all mild and temporary. Plus, have you heard of “Long Covid”? OMG!

And then there are some desperate logic like this:

  • “Vaccinated people are socializing more. That’s why they are getting the virus more.”

There are just endless and pathetic spins from the media, which has become the propaganda arm of Big Pharma. It’s like a cult now. Whatever happens, “trust the vaccines.”

What’s the Point in a Booster?

Why would anyone need a booster or even a second dose of the vaccine? Once your body gets infected with the vaccine, the body produces the antibodies and remembers the antigen (spike protein). There’s no need to keep injecting the body with the same vaccine.

There is no difference between the “booster” and the previous doses. And the booster is useless because it is based on the 2020 version of the virus, which has now mutated a lot. Pfizer CEO admitted it openly: “Two doses offer very limited protection … if any. And boosters offer “reasonable” protection against hospitalization and death.” This is not science. This is a used-car salesman selling you a junk vehicle.

The governments don’t know what to do and thus they keep trying the same formula. As for Pfizer and Moderna, boosters just boost corporate profits.

Fauci himself admitted that “everyone will get omicron.” Then, why the booster? Also, why is the Pfizer CEO planning on releasing a new vaccine in March to fight omicron? After everybody gets the omicron variant, we will have a vaccine for it?

Bad For the Immune System

Thankfully, some people are waking up to the side effects of these vaccines. Here’s what Bloomberg reports: European Union regulators warn that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible.

Here’s the simple fact: The covid vaccines have created more adverse reactions than all the other vaccines combined in the last 30+ years when the VAERS system was created in the USA. One million side effects in just one year, including 21000 deaths. In Europe, the database has over 600,000 adverse reactions.

Leave Children Alone

As I have shown in another blog post, the chance of an American child (aged 0-17) dying from COVID19 is less than 1 in 200,000 per year. The possible harms like myocarditis or damage to the immune system far outweigh the minuscule benefits.

The Vaccine We Really Need

What we need is ONE smart vaccine that is based on multiple proteins outside and inside the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus. This is why, as I explained before, people who have been infected with COVID have much better natural immunity than the vaccinated people.

The Strangely Missing Treatments

Two years into the pandemic, there are no official treatment protocols in the USA. If you test positive, go home and isolate yourself. If you can’t breathe and are on the verge of dying, come to the emergency room. This is nuts, to say the least. We need all kinds of treatments that people can use at home — antivirals, other therapeutic drugs, and supplements. Ivermectin is basically banned in the U.S., while it’s extensively used in Brazil, India, Africa, Argentina etc. Japan allows off-label use of Ivermectin and even has published papers on how the drug helps patients with gastrointestinal tract infection by SARS-Cov-2 (The GI tract has ACE2 receptors, just like the lungs).

There have been many studies on how Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and even culinary things like black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa) help COVID patients. All avenues must be pursued.


Go back and look at all the vaccines. No vaccine has ever failed like these gene therapy mRNA vaccines. Some people compare it to flu vaccines, but there are the differences:

  1. Companies make flu vaccines one year in advance by guessing how the influenza virus will mutate. Here, the geniuses in Pfizer make a vaccine many months after a variant emerges and infects everyone. With the delta variant, Pfizer and Moderna didn’t even bother. This is an illogical and irrational strategy that should be in the “Borat” movie.
  2. Also, we learn to live with the flu and don’t have vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and a mass psychosis. Djokovic never had to show flu vaccination to play a tennis game.

Interestingly, mainstream media is publishing some truths about COVID two years after the pandemic: People exposed to common cold have immunity against the “deadly” SARS-Cov-2. Yes, many common colds are caused by coronaviruses, which are cousins of the covid virus, a.k.a. the Great Reset Virus.

When the hysteria and mass psychosis subside, more people will be able to look back and realize the blunders the world made.