Fake Asthma Studies to Kill Gas Stoves

Globalists and climate change activists have been obsessed about the U.S. household gas stoves for quite some time. And now they have a new fake excuse to ban gas stoves: They cause asthma in children! Let’s quickly debunk this nonsensical “science” and pretentious concern about children’s asthma.

First, what’s their claim? According to a new study, about 13% of asthma in U.S. children are caused by — or, to be precise, “attributable to” — gas stoves at homes. Wow!

Okay, rather than clutching our pearls like the mainstream media, let’s look at this study rationally:

  1. First, it links only 12% of the asthma. Shouldn’t we focus on the other 88% first?
  2. Second, this fake study did not study one real family or child in real life! The entire study was done by four people sitting before their computers! They looked at gas stoves in various states in the U.S. and looked at asthma cases. And, voila, they linked those two! This is the logical fallacy known as “correlation means causation.” In such epidemiological studies, you can find whatever you want. For example, you can correlate illegal immigration to obesity in white Americans. Look, they are both rising exponentially over the last 40 years, so one must cause the other!

A real study should involve actual children. For example, here is a massive study of 500,000 children over 5 years! And it found no relation between gas stoves and asthma. Now, that’s real science.

Or, how about this study of 2,700 infants and wheezing for three years? It found that breastfeeding reduced wheezing — a strong risk factor for asthma — by whopping 62%. If globalists and scientists are really worried about children’s asthma, shouldn’t they encourage more breastfeeding? No, they will never do that. It’s bad for baby formula business. Plus, they want women to be slaving away for big corporations, and not breastfeeding their babies.

Gas Stove Narrative Makes No Sense

Consider that prevalence of asthma in children has skyrocketed over the last 40 years — from 3.6% in 1980 to 7.5% in 1995 to 9% of kids in 2005.

And it’s not the gas stoves! If any, the usage of gas stoves in the U.S. has decreased over the decades. And people are cooking much less at home than decades ago.

Common sense tells us that it must be something else that’s causing the spike in asthma.

What’s Causing Asthma?

  • Asthma could be caused by pollution in big cities. Among rural kids, asthma is rare.
  • Asthma is also due to damaged immunity, which overreacts to pollen, dusts etc. It’s an immune disorder. And we know that all sorts of immune-related diseases have spiked in adults and children over the years.

What changed during that time?

  • Food high in carbs and sugar
  • GMO and other chemicals in food
  • Less breast feeding
  • Tons of vaccines. From a handful of vaccines in the 1970s to a few dozens of vaccines for children now. What could disrupt the immune system more?

Could some and all of the above be causing asthma in children? Of course, in a world controlled by corporations, real questions about health cannot be asked.

Hypocrites With Agenda

If you say, “Ban Coca Cola and sugary drinks because they cause diabetes in children,” the elites won’t do that. Politicians are bribed by Big Food. Plus, diabetes medication is a profitable business for Big Pharma, one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington DC.

But… GAS STOVE! Suddenly, globalists love kids and are worried about asthma! No, they don’t care about children. Last year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) had an article about gas stoves being bad for the climate. So, this is just problem-reaction-solution. But why?

Qui bono? Who benefits from this climate jihadism on gas stove?

  1. Companies who make/sell electric stoves (artificial creation of demand)
    • 40% of U.S. households use gas stoves. Imagine the profit in “upgrading” 50 million homes! Easily $200 billion of revenue.
  2. American natural gas companies who plan to export more to Europe for years to come (thanks to proxy war on Russia). Exports are 10x or more profitable than domestic sales.
  3. Government, through taxes. Soon there will be extra tax on electricity to “save the climate.”


Climate change hysteria is a tool to change the world — some goals are okay, like renewable energy; but others are quite psychotic, like shutting down farms or taxing fertilizer plants to “cut CO2 emission.”

As I have explained in my two previous blogs, climate hoax is unscientific and fraudulent (Climate Scam Summary, and Detailed Discussion of Climate Alarmism).

Want to know the truth? Reject mainstream narratives, especially if they are sensational. Question everything and do your own research.

— Chris Kanthan

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