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Forget Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump – Here’s How to Solve America’s Problems

America is thirsty for change and is looking for the right person to tackle its enormous problems. Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas, but let’s face it, if those ideas are so easy to implement, why doesn’t Obama do them in the next few months? Yeah, the Republicans. Well, the overall composition of Congress is not going to change much at all after the election. So, really, the only way to reboot America is to have a smart, benevolent dictator. So I ask for your vote to make me that Supreme Leader. This is my plan, a lot of which will be efficiently accomplished in the first week.

Day 1: Pay Off the National Debt

Day 2: Simplify Taxes and Reduce Inequality

Day 3: Ban GMOs, Change Our Food System

Day 4: Whip Big Pharma Into Shape, Fund Holistic Medicine

Day 5: Break Up Many Large Corporations

Day 6: FED, Big Banks, and Wall Street

See the article for details … (“If I Were The American Dictator”)

-Chris Kanthan