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15 Reasons Why UK Spy Poisoning is a False Flag Attack

Here are the Top 12 reasons why the Russian spy poisoning story is most likely a false-flag attack staged by, well, someone like MI6/CIA/Mossad.

#1  Not so deadly. That spy, Skripal, and his daughter didn’t even die. Remember that this “military grade” nerve agent is supposed to be 100x deadlier than Sarin.

Also, if we are to believe the official story, it took 4-5 hours for the deadly nerve agent to make the victims sick! They got exposed to Novichok at their home, then went to a mall, pub and a restaurant, before their mighty immune systems succumbed to the chemical weapon. So ridiculous.

#2  Miraculous Recovery  Then they were in “coma” with “permanent brain damage” for a month. However, when Russian officials wanted to see the daughter — she’s still a Russian citizen and works in Russia — both the patients miraculously recovered. Now they both have been released! BUT … they wouldn’t talk to anyone and we will never see them again (rumor is that they will go live under CIA protection!).

#3  Useless Spy. No need for Putin to kill that guy now. Skripal was in Russian prison for six years. The evil Russians could have easily killed him then. Instead, the double agent was released and has been in the UK for 8 years. And his daughter is still a Russian citizen

#4  Horrible Timing. Right before Putin’s re-election and a few months before the World Cup Soccer games in Russia? And, most of all, right before Russia was about to sign the Nordstream pipeline deal with Germany?

#5  Novichok is Easy to Make. Although it’s deadly as hell, it can be made by mixing two ordinary chemicals.

#6  Novichok Guy Lives in the US. Yeah, one of the original evil scientists from the USSR lives in New Jersey now and has even written a book in which he reveals the composition of Novichok.  Oh, btw, the US got a patent approved for antidotes for Novichok in 2015. In 2008, the US gov was testing Novichok on animals!

#7  Porton Down is Nearby. Six miles from Salisbury, where the alleged attack took place, there’s a notorious UK military lab that produced horrible chemical weapons such as VX. As Boris Johnson admitted, Porton Down also has samples of Novichok agents.

#8  No Details or Evidence Shown: The UK hasn’t revealed any details of its findings — medical records, toxicology reports, spectrometry results etc. Theresa May can’t even provide the basics — for example, something like, “we found 0.01% of  Novichok-234 in the victims’ blood.” Nothing. Nada. All that the lab has said so far is, “nerve agent or a related compound.”

The UK gave some samples to the OPCW, which also never mentions “Novichok” in its report. All it said was: toxic substance of high purity! A Swiss lab report said that it found something called “BZ toxin”!

This kind of evidence won’t even be admitted on Judge Judy’s court. And no biological samples have been provided to Russia. Zero due process. If some tiny country tried to do this to the US, we will bomb them.

#9  No Visitors Allowed. Nobody is allowed to visit the Skripals, not even their relatives. And when Russia demanded to see the daughter (since she’s a Russian citizen), she miraculously recovered and left the hospital under police custody! But no visits or interviews. Probably MI6 is doing Psy Ops and hypnosis on the poor people.

#10 Fake Suspects? After 6 months, the UK released photos of two alleged Russian spies. Fascinatingly, these guys are like quantum particles who can occupy the same space at the same time, precise to a second! In the picture below, you can see that both the suspects are in the exact location at 16:22:43

Novichok suspects

Novichok suspects 2

And you can see that neither one was closely following the other. In both pictures, there was nobody within 15-20 ft behind the suspect. So the only possibility is that within one second, the first person moved out of the spot and the second person ran/flew at a speed of 15 ft/sec. Although in the pictures, they look like casually walking and not running at Olympic speeds. Hmmm … more like the UK intelligence is playing with Photoshop.

The story doesn’t even add up. Russian spies fly straight from Moscow to London to commit murders? Wouldn’t they get fake passports from another country and travel through multiple countries to hide their tracks? And they brought Novichok in a perfume bottle, sprayed it on the door knob of Skripals’ home and then threw the evidence away? Wouldn’t they have gotten exposed while spraying the Novichok? And the cops found Novichok in the hotel room, but it didn’t kill the spies or the hotel staff or the guests who stayed in the room after the spies??? My God…

#11 UK’s Superheroes. Look at the various pictures of unprotected cops, experts, firemen and truck drivers hanging out right next to the scary men with hazmat suits and oxygen tanks. It’s a joke.

spy poisoning no masks 2

#12  Nobody Believes It. Out of the 197 countries or so, only 27 countries agreed to expel Russian diplomats. Basically 170 laughed at this joke. Even 11 EU countries refused to punish Russia. The only true anti-Russian crazies were USA, UK and Ukraine, who expelled 100 Russian diplomats. The other 24 mostly expelled only 1 or 2.

Germany, for example, has six Russian consulates/embassies, but only asked 4 diplomats to leave. Then a few days later, it approved/signed the Nordstream deal (oil/gas from Russia to EU).

#13  CIA Disappears Skripals? Latest news is that the Skripals, father and daughter, may go hiding under CIA’s protection. We will never see them again and hear their testimonies. How convenient!

#14  Novichok in TV Drama  Just before the incident, a TV drama called Strike Back: Retribution had a couple of episodes in February and March where evil Russkies deployed Novichok in the UK. Of course, the elites have to prepare the dumb masses for the jargon and the concept. (Before this, virtually nobody had heard of “Novichok”).

#15  Geopolitics. Putin is screwing up globalists’ Middle East ambitions in Syria and Iran, and this is the retribution. They will keep waging hybrid wars on Russia. There will be many false flag attacks and constant provocations to create excuses to impose sanctions and isolate Russia. The Douma “chemical attaack” in Syria on April 7th is a perfect example of such a false flag attack. If you think politics is dirty, geopolitics is a million times dirtier.

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Author: Chris Kanthan  center  Please check out my book “Deconstructing the Syrian War