Europe’s Lost Decade

Everyone talks about Japan’s lost decade(s), but nobody seems to notice that Europe has been stagnant since 2007. The European continent never recovered from the Great Financial Crisis engineered by Wall Street.

Look at the chart below: Germany, UK, France, Italy etc. have experienced virtually no growth since 2007. Others like Spain, Portugal and Greece have been devastated. Meanwhile, China’s economy grew whopping 280%!

gdp china v. europe.v1

By the end of 2018, this was the reality (in terms of GDP):

China = Germany + UK + France + Italy + Spain

And it’s not just China. Look how India has grown since 2000 and has taken over France and Italy.

India GDP v. France, Italy

EU is a terrible idea. It’s an Empire concocted by globalists and bankers.

Furthermore, Europeans have been victims of crazy US foreign policies.

* USA bombs Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria … and Europe accepts millions of refugees.

* USA picks a fight with Russia & Iran … Europe is forced to spend more money on NATO & forego cheap Russian/Iranian oil & gas.

* USA gets paranoid about China … and Europe has to give up on Huawei’s 5G infrastructure

Will Europe wake up? Europeans will prosper only if they think peace, trade and “Eurasia.”

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