Truth About Gen. Michael Flynn, ISIS and Neocons

There is a compelling reason behind the Establishment’s unhinged hatred towards General Mike Flynn, and it’s not simply partisan politics or the nothingburger called “Russia conspiracy.” It’s related to the dirty secrets about ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

You see, to overthrow Assad in Syria, Obama couldn’t openly arm Al Qaeda and ISIS. That’s where Saudi Arabia and Qatar come into play. These two countries would buy the weapons from the U.S. and ship them to the terrorists in Syria mostly via Turkey and some through Jordan (Turkey borders Syria on the north; Jordan on the south).

All the top people in the U.S. government knew and acknowledged the roles of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For example…

Even the mainstream media published many detailed articles on the shipment of weapons and flow of money from the Gulf States to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.

Isn’t it strange that the U.S. would do nothing about countries that fund and arm ISIS? Isn’t it strange that Obama fired a General – Mike Flynn – for opposing Al Qaeda and ISIS?

Even more bizarrely, both the U.S. and Israel have admitted that they view ISIS positively since it was/is helping them in the regime change plot against Assad. Not to mention that Israel’s relationship with ISIS is beyond suspicious.

  • John Kerry, as the Sec. of State, admitted that the U.S. sought to use ISIS as a leverage against Assad during negotiations. In the same audio, Kerry talks about how the U.S. has spent a lot of money and efforts overthrowing Assad; and how Putin came in and weakened ISIS.
  • Defense Minister of Israel said in an interview that ISIS attacked Israel only once, but ISIS apologized immediately! This is an extraordinary statement in so many ways, if you think about it. No wonder many people say that ISIS stands for “Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.”
  • Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief said during a speech that “Israel prefers ISIS over the Syrian government.”
  • A prominent Israeli think tank said that ISIS is a “useful tool against Iran and Hezbollah.”
  • Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote two pieces asserting that ISIS is better than Assad (2015 article, 2017 article).

So those are quite convincing evidences of US and its allies funding, arming, training and supporting ISIS in Syria. Now let’s look at other circumstantial evidences that would lead us to the same conclusion.

Connecting the dots…

For example, the top leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq – which was first known as Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and then morphed into ISIS – had spent time in CIA prisons. It’s just like Libya, when Abdul Belhaj left the CIA prison to lead the war against Gaddafi.

Also, many foreign commanders who later joined ISIS had links to the CIA – for example, ISIS commander Omar Shishani, who the media proudly said was a “star pupil” of the CIA in Georgia (the country).

With all the surveillance abilities of NSA and CIA, it’s hard to believe that they have no idea where the top leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda are. It wouldn’t be surprising if these terrorists are living in a luxurious mansion in one of the Gulf States, monitoring their global jihad campaigns.

The entire story of ISIS was so ridiculous from the beginning. A bunch of terrorists with just simple guns somehow managed to take over big cities in Iraq. At the same time, they also never attacked Baghdad – a sign of “controlled chaos.” They got hold of a huge arsenal of weapons – tanks, mortars, rockets, TOW missiles etc. without much fight. ISIS also immediately knew how to operate those hi-tech weapons – a sign of US training. Then ISIS was moving around the vast desert in brand new Toyota pickup trucks and US-made tanks totally unhindered. Using Iraqi air force or the vast US air force in Saudi military bases, ISIS could have been easily wiped out at the time.

When a report from Amnesty International pointed out in 2015 that most of ISIS’ weapons were American, media pundits just came up all kinds of excuses and explanations.

Obama kept dropping thousands of bombs – 50,000 in 2015 and 2016 alone – but ISIS kept growing. If each bomb had killed just one ISIS soldier, there wouldn’t be any ISIS left. It was obvious Obama was waging a fake war.

More than a few times, the U.S. or Israeli air force attacked the Syrian army that always ended up helping ISIS or Al Qaeda in crucial battles (link, link).

Then there were those moments when, oops, the U.S. accidentally dropped weapons in ISIS-held areas. Come on!

How about the time when CNN showed a video of ISIS training camp that had tents marked “US”?

ISIS training vid

While everyone openly talked about Saudi Arabia and Qatar arming/funding ISIS, nobody clamored for confronting or let alone attacking those countries. The mainstream media which focuses on all kinds of trivial things about Donald Trump … completely ignores the bombshell news about who funds and arms ISIS.

For three years, Turkey was selling US-made weapons to ISIS in exchange for stolen oil. This went on until Putin came in and destroyed ISIS’ oil tankers – easy targets for jets. When asked why the US hadn’t done the same, Mike Morell, former CIA chief and supporter of Hillary Clinton, said the U.S. was afraid of environmental damage! The insanity of such lies is beyond incredible.

It was also obvious that ISIS’ propaganda machine was driven by Americans/Israelis with Hollywood and Public Relations experience. ISIS’ vast presence in Twitter and Facebook in multiple languages, incredibly creative (but sick) videos and messaging that appealed to westerners, and the use of satellite TV to broadcast gruesome propaganda were all clear indications of vast support from western intelligence agencies. (Think about how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube block or delete accounts of conservatives for saying anything mildly politically incorrect.)

If Assad kills people in Syria, the west acts so shocked and starts debating air strikes, but when ISIS kills people in Europe, politicians and the media tell us to get used to it.

ISIS is what is known as “Psy Ops” in the military.

As an example of media collusion and blatant Establishment propaganda, consider the Saudi cleric Abdullah Muhaisini (also Mhaisni/Muhaysni/Muhaysini) in Syria who the L.A. Times describes as a “superstar” while BBC prefers “charismatic.” He has Twitter accounts with 300,000+ followers and is popular on YouTube/Telegram as well. The shocking part is that he is a terrorist in Syria who openly assists ISIS/Al Qaeda, recruits young kids for suicide bombing and proudly participates in mass executions.


So this is the story of the unholy alliance between the US Deep State and militant Islamic groups. These groups provide cheap warriors who will fight fiercely and die gladly. There are also plenty of them, thus providing mercenaries for endless wars, which is wonderful for the military-industrial complex.

General Michael Flynn is one of the few patriots who opposes such ugly geopolitical tactics, and it’s the precise reason why the warmongering Neocons and their propaganda arm – mainstream media – are so bent on destroying him.